We're in GA!!

Guys, I don't recommend trying to finish off alcohol you have that you aren't packing to take with you the night before you leave.  Sounds fun, in the moment it's fun, and then moving day you wake up with a killer headache.

Yesterday was moving day and it was a gorgeous day in Seattle. The city really knows how to send people off to their new adventures. Max and Emma we're excited all day for the plane ride. We cut it super close by getting to the airport around 2:45ish, Ian dropping us off so he can return the car, me checking luggage and making it through security with two amazing rock star kids, riding a train to our gate and sitting down when boarding starts. I was a hot, sweaty, frazzled mess.  Ian got to the airport so fast and my guy would be an awesome contestant on Amazing Race. Always so calm, me not so much.

We got on the plane and quickly got set up, because an almost 5 hour flight was ahead of us. We get situated and somebody has to go potty. Of course. I quickly take Emma to potty in the tiny bathroom as the flight attendant tells me to make it quick. Okay. Emma is scared of the bathroom and wants me to hold her. Umm...no. We finally get back to our seats to hear the shpeal and Max only heard the part about oxygen masks falling down. He looks at me and asks, "Why do we need masks?" "What are they for?" I tell them what they are for, and say that we won't need them in our flight. He took it in and then told me he was hungry. In the craziness of getting to the airport I didn't pack snacks. #momfail   

Oh but I made up for it with getting them the kid's box off the menu. They each had their own, because these two were so great in the airport. The box came with Wikkin Stix. Max made a Stix figure.

Emma made...

Then I made them glasses. #momwin

The flight went great. The only thing that Emma kept doing to drive me nuts was unbuckle her seat belt. She thought it was so funny.  If that's the only thing that she likes to do, I'll take it. 

Today we get to see the house we're renting. Ian saw it, but the kiddos and I haven't. I'm excited. Oh, and can we talk humidity? I read the weather app where it says 95% humidity or some crazy number. I told myself it wouldn't be bad. Holy moly. The minute we walked out if the airport I felt it. Woah. My hair is going to hate me. 

I'm posting this from my phone, so if it looks weird, sorry! Happy weekend!!

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