You Are Here

We've been in Georgia one week and what a crazy busy week it was!  Max loves school. He told me he doesn't like weekends, because he wants to be at school. It makes me so happy that he's loving it so much, but...it's the weekend. Aren't kids suppose to want to spend time with their family??? Cry face emoji. 

I love the You Are Here Collection from Starbucks.  I have one from NM, WA and Seattle.  This beauty will be joining my collection soon. 

Ian came home from work with goodies for the kids. They were so excited. 

They thought the bag was pretty cool because it looks like a jersey. 

Max had a homework assignment and it gave me all the feels. I looked at his baby pictures and couldn't believe my baby is in 1st Grade. 

We are done with hotel life and are living in our house....with nothing in it. Our belongings are somewhere in Colorado and will hopefully be here early next week. Fingers crossed and wishing on stars it gets here Monday. 

Happy weekend, unless you're Max...then you're wishing it were Monday. 

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  1. Oh you're a Starbucks mug collector too! I have a friend who must visit Starbucks and get them wherever he goes!