A Day in the Life

I can't remember if I've ever done "a day in the life" type of post. One of my fav bloggers, Shay, does them periodically and I love them. So here we are on Tuesday (8/30/16).  

My alarm goes off at 6:15, but I like to snooze one time (or 3x). I got up at 6:25. I usually brush my teeth, fix my messy hair and throw on workout clothes.  By 6:30 I'm waking up Max and Emma, getting them dressed, teeth brushed and hair combed. 

6:45ish they are having breakfast while I make lunches for Max and Ian.  

By 7:15 we are out the door and on our way to school.  Emma's like, "WTF Mommy?"

7:25ish Max hops out of the car. Emma and I yell our love for him and to have a great day.  I can't get over how big he is. 

7:40ish We are pulling back into the driveway. We live a couple miles away from the school, but traffic is slow moving  on the road we take back home.  The minute we walk in the door, I make coffee. Emma will finish her breakfast that she hadn't yet. Soggy cereal is her jam. 

7:50ish I make a to do list for the day. I normally write this in my planner, but I couldn't find it with the boxes we have left to unpack.  (I found it!) 

8:00 I'll workout. Emma and I might go for a walk or I'll do Tone It Up. I did TIU while watching my guilty pleasure....

So bad, but so good. 

8:45 I'll have breakfast. Today it was a strawberry banana smoothly with milk, frozen banana, strawberry Greek yogurt and a spoon of peanut butter. 

9:00ish I'll get ready.  My routine is pretty quick. Makeup wise I use a toner, face primer, bb cream, eyeliner and eye brows.  Maybe takes about 7 mins...for sure less than 10 mins. 

I left my hair in its outta control glory, but it lasted 30 seconds. 

My go to hairstyle. So glamorous. 

9:30ish We have school time. We've been working on our ABCs. She'll put the puzzle together, and then I'll ask for letters for her to give me. I'll make a stack of those she knows and those she doesn't. Then we'll work on a pre-k book that I picked up at Target. We worked on shapes and matching. 

10:30 I'll let Emma play or watch cartoons while I do housework. Today I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, washed a load of clothes as well as folded the clothes that I had left in the dryer. Folding is my least favorite thing to do. 

11:30 I'll make Emma lunch. She's been on a big turkey and pepperoni kick. 

12:00 I'll have lunch. Today it was left over bbq chicken, and I finished watching the KUWTK episode from earlier. 

12:30-2:00 I ran errands. We went to Goodwill, the post office and the library before picking up Max. 

2:00 We are in the carpool line. Emma usually naps and I SnapChat. Fun times. 

2:30 We head to the park. It was warm out, but there was a breeze so it didn't feel that hot. It was nice! They had fun playing and made a new friend. 

He would live at the park. 

3:45 We are home! Max and Emma will have a snack before Max does homework. Max's homework today was to unscramble his spelling words. When he's done I upload it to his online journal. It's pretty cool. He also has Math that he has to do online.  

5:00 The kiddos have dinner. Today it was bean and cheese burritos. Max asked if they were like Taco Bell. Sure Max. Just like Taco Bell. 

5:30ish We listen to Pandora while I make dinner for Ian and myself. They either have a dance party or work in their workbooks. Max chose workbooks today. He did 11 pages. He thinks they are fun! Emma mostly played with markers. 

Ian gets home around 6:00 and him and I will have dinner. Today we headed upstairs around 6:45 to start bedtime routine.  


Bedtime stories. 

Bed.  Always between 7:45-8:00. 

8:00-10:00 Tonight Ian had a Twitter chat, and I typed this blog post. Other nights we'll watch a movie. I just made him watch Mean Girls, and he kept LoLing.

Not all our days look like this. I have days where I get nothing accomplished. Days where I don't ever get out of my workout clothes. Days where we might spend a good couple hours at Target. I never know what the day holds for me, or just how many tantrums Emma is going to have. 

Doing a post like this is hard!  I didn't remember to always take pictures.  Next time I'll be better!  Happy Thursday!  AND Happy September!!


  1. These posts ARE hard! I've tried and documented for like two hours before realizing like five hours later. Ha! I LOVE your out of control hair!!!! I think it looks good! That bedtime story picture is too adorable!

    1. I can see why people do them every so often, and not once a week :). They are a lot of work! Haha! Thank you!! I may start to wear it curly...we'll see. Throwing it up is so much easier!