Friday Favorites on a Saturday

Quick edition of Friday Favorites...on a Saturday!  It was a busy, eventful week!  Linking up with Andrea, Narci and Erika to share some of my favorite moments!

1. I GOT A JOB!  Woohoo!!  I'll be back in the teaching world very soon, and I'm super excited!  Ian and I celebrated Monday night with some champagne (which isn't my favorite to drink, unless there is some orange juice mixed in), because new jobs call for some sparkly.  I had two glasses and goodness...I forgot to set my alarm and Tuesday morning was a blur of rushing.
2. Max and Emma having a sweet moment.  I love their sweet moments together.  Of course it was short lived, because Emma grabbed the book from him and let him know it was hers. 
3. Max got his lacrosse jersey, which they don't call it that.  It's a pinny or a penny.  I don't know.  All I do know is that he put it on and all of a sudden looked like he was 15.  He has his first game today!
4. Max had his Fun Run yesterday and this girl cheered him on.  She so desperately wants to be in school like her brother.  Soon baby girl.  Soon.
5. Max...oh this boy makes me so proud.  He had such a good time at his Fun Run. He ran every lap with a smile on his face.  He would run by and wave at us as well yelled, "Goooooo Max!!!"  I even got a bit teary eyed knowing that I was going to miss out on other events that happen during the day because I'm going back to work.  I thought he had run 33 laps, but we got an e mail yesterday that said he ran 35 laps! 
With that, I must go!  We have to get ready for Max's game.  He's so excited.  Ian gets to see him play for the first time.  You better believe I will be sharing his first game here next week.  Happy Weekend!!

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