Friday Favorites

It's the last day in September!  Crazy!  Not only did this week go by fast, but this whole month was a blur.  This week was a good a good.  I had some quality one on one time with Emma and Max.  So let's just to some of my favorite moments this week.

Emma LOVING her daycare.  She loves it!  It makes me so happy!  She's been there 4 days and she's already learned so much.  She came home telling us the parts of plant.  The curriculum is so good and I love, love that she's so happy. 

Every morning when we leave to take Max to school we always look at the sky.  The kids will point on the colors in the sky, the clouds and the moon if it's still visible.  Thursday morning the sky was so beautiful.  GA is beautiful, and the weather is finally cooling off.  I'm wearing a cardigan as I type this!  Hello, Fall!

I had to go to the HR office of the school district I'm working in, and I had checked the directions to see how long it would take the day before.  It had said 24 minutes.  The day of, I had dropped Emma off at school and had to go over the paperwork.  I got home around 8:20 and checked the directions for the time estimate to get there....one hour!  I had to quickly get ready and leave.  Hello mom hair.  I was going to take pictures for my badge and wanted to do my hair.  #fail. Oh well.  I got there and there was a room of about 20 other people.  I had heard a lady say she just moved here, so I asked where she was from...Santa Fe, NM! (I'm from NM, for those of you who don't know.)  Of all the places!  I walked out of the office with my badge and an official employee of the district!!!

I watched Me Before You on Tuesday.  I sobbed when I read the book and Max told me I shouldn't read the book anymore.  I had started watching the movie without the kids, but had to finish it with them home.  I was crying and both Max and Emma look at me sand say, "Uh-oh! She's crying!" I loved the book more, but the movie was good.  I still have to read Me After You, which I haven't gotten around to doing so.  If you need a book to read, I highly recommend.

This.  I cannot wait until November!!

Tomorrow Max has his lacrosse game at 8:15.  Bring me all the coffee. He also has a birthday party to go to, which he's so excited about.   And there's a festival I want to checkout.  Tomorrow is going to be busy!  See you back here next week!  Happy Weekend!!

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  1. Ahhh I need to see After You! I told Michael now that it's on Redbox he is forced to watch it (he denied my request to see it in theaters). And GILMORE GIRLS!!! Ahhhh!

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