Friday Favorites

Oh Friday, I was so ready for you!  It was a short week, but goodness it felt long.  I'm linking up with Andrea, Narci and Erika today!

Some of my favorite moments this week:

1. Emma and I having our breakfast smoothie.  She thinks they are banana milkshakes, and I'll just keep letting her think that.  I added blackberries yesterday and it turned the smoothie a lovely purple.  Emma was impressed. 
2. Early release days.  Max got out early from school.  I let him pick where we had lunch.  We also had a frozen yogurt date.  We were going to go to the park, but it was 92 degrees out, and too hot to have any fun outside.  So instead we went home and they played with legos while we listen to Kidz Bop on Pandora. We are a wild bunch that knows how to have some F-U-N.
3. Kensignton Gray.  Erin from Two Thirds Hazel opened up an Etsy shop, and the bows/headbands she sells are beyond adorable.  Emma loves them, and she actually wore the headband all day.  All day! She normally pulls out bows or flat out refuses to wear them. 
4. Max playing lacrosse.  I love it.  Watching him warm-up and learn the skills he needs for the game is the cutest.  All the heart eye emojis for this kid.   Emma starts her toddler class next week and I know I'll be the same giggly, ohhing and awwing mess over her.  I can't wait!
5.  This post.  The blog world is funny.  You can read a person blog for years and you feel like you know them. Bloggers invite you into their lives and I love it. Shay's family is a party of 5 about to become a party of 6, and I just love her story so much.  All the feels.
Happy Friday!  I hope you have a great weekend!!  See you back here Monday!


  1. Emma's outfit is adorable! Love the headband. Shay's post gave me allll the feels too!

    1. Thank you!! She got it for her bday from Old Navy. They have the cutest clothes! I can't wait to read Shay's post about them bringing home their new addition to their family. :)