Sky Ball

Max had lacrosse practice yesterday.  I just love watching him improve every week.  He really loves the sport...well he loves ALL sports.  They ended practice with playing Sky Ball where the coach throws it high in the air, and you have to catch it.  Max did!  I love the coaches reaction in the video and Max's reaction once he throws it to the coach and looks over at me.  I love that kid.

Today he woke up not feeling so well.  His throat is hurting and he's a bit warm.  I told him I was going to keep him home and he was so upset.  He loves school. I told had to remind him that tomorrow is a day of fun for him and he needs to get better.  Tomorrow is Donuts with Dad, he has Art, it's Friday and he gets to have hot lunch at school.  Day of Fun!   Right now he's snuggled on the coach, under a blanket, watching cartoons.  I hope he's better by tomorrow.

We dropped Emma off this morning, and guys, she LOVES her daycare.  I am so happy!!! They have an app that they upload pictures throughout the day and videos for the parents to see.  Max's teacher also does the same thing in her class.  I love it.  I'm totally going to use the app in my classroom for the parents. 

Can you believe that tomorrow is the last day of September?!  I've been in a baking mood for like that past two weeks.  I've made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and banana muffins last night.  Fall is for baking right? 

Happy Friday Eve, friends!  Have a great day!!

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