Weekend at the Lake

Our Labor Day Weekend is going down in the books as amazing.  We ventured to Alabama to meet up with family that have a home off Lake Martin.   Alabama is beautiful.   I keep singing Sweet Home Alabama as I'm typing this up.  The kids love the song and after they sing, "Sweet Home Alabama..." they say, "Roll Tide Roll!" I think we have some Bama fans on our hands.

When we got there we got settled and then headed out for dinner...on the boat!  It was Max and Emma's first time on a boat.  They both had their life jackets on, and they both loved every minute of being on the boat. 

We went to Chuck's.  It's a pizza place.  The atmosphere is so awesome.  They had a band playing, people were dancing, and it was just so cool.  The pizza was delicious. I had taken a picture, which I was laughed at for doing, but I said I have to take a picture or it's like it didn't happen.  I was in such a rush taking it, it didn't come out great....so did it really happen?  You'll never know.

Saturday morning we woke up and Max was kicked back on the patio.  He and Emma were spoiled with lake living. I think they would stay forever.  They loved the company, water and most importantly the dogs.  Which we'll get to that in a minute.

Saturday we got in the boat and set out for some fun.  Our first stop was Chimney Rock.  People jump off it!  There are different levels of height for them to jump off, and if you look at the top you can see some people standing there rethinking their idea of jumping.  It's pretty awesome.  Boats stop and watch the people jump and cheer for them.  Crazy.

Max and Emma got a kick out of  watching the people jump.  I think when these two are much, much, much older they will want to jump off. 

We also watched the Alabama and USC game on Saturday night.  I managed to not take any pictures.  The kids had on hats, sunglasses and beads to cheer on their team.  They yelled, "Roll Tide Roll!" throughout the game and it was the cutest.  They didn't stay awake for the whole game, and neither did I.  Our fun day wore us out and we needed sleep for Sunday!

Max and Emma fell in love this weekend.  Their names are Nila and Norman, and Max and Emma wanted to spend every minute with them.  When we left yesterday Emma was on the verge of tears, because we had to say goodbye to the dogs.  These two took the dogs for walks, brought them all their toys, continuously petted them and gave them kisses.  They were in heaven.  Heaven.  We will definitely be getting a dog or maybe dogs in the future.

Sunday we woke up and were back on the boat.  Max and Emma loved when the boat went fast.  Our first stop of the day was Big Beach.  So ridiculously fun.  We swam, the kids played in the water and on the beach.  There was a guy that came and set up huge speakers to play music as well as have a karaoke session.  So much entertainment.   On our way home we stopped for some boiled peanuts.  I've never heard of boiled peanuts and I tried them...I can say I tried them.  I didn't care for the texture.  People love them though.

The entire weekend the sky was beautiful.  I took pictures from the balcony at different times.  If you look at the sky on the far right the sky is red, white and blue!  The view was gorgeous.  I could sit on the patio and look at the view every day.

My person.

Monday morning I had a phone interview with the school district that Max is in.  I had to prepare a mini lesson and teach it over the phone.  I was a bit nervous, but once I started talking the nerves faded away.  The interview was a screener to make sure I knew what I was talking about.  Good news: I was invited to be part of their candidate pool!!  Principals can now see my resume and application.  Better news: I got an email last night for an interview! I don't think I will interview with the school.  It's 15 miles away, which doesn't sound like a lot, but traffic here is so bad.  It takes me 15-20 minutes to get back home after dropping off Max and his school is 2.6 miles away from us! 

We got home early yesterday afternoon, and it feels good to be home.  I see many trips to the lake in our future.

One more thing before I end this novel.  My brother turned the big 2-0 this weekend!!  No longer a teenager!  I'm not sure how he's already 20, because it seems like just yesterday he was born.  Time really does fly.

I hope you guys had a great Labor Day Weekend!!

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