Weekly Lessons

Here we are at Wednesday, which means: Weekly Lessons with Mattie and Lexi!

#1 and probably the most important.  Don't interact with a toddler having a tantrum.  Don't laugh at them.  Don't engage them in any way.  Don't look them in the eyes.  I mentioned last week not to take your kid to the store.  I didn't learn my lesson, and I probably never will.  Emma and I went grocery shopping, which we've done many times.  We've passed the balloons that they have at the end of the check out lanes many times.  I've never, ever brought one for Max or Emma.  Yesterday, Emma wanted me to get one.  I said the forbidden word to a threenagers ears, "No."   Stomping, crossed arms and pouting followed.  I had to put the angry child back in cart so that I could make it to the car. I'm raising the white flag Emma.  No more tantrums please.  Ever.

2. Meal plan!!  It makes dinner time so much easier if I know what I'm going to cook, and it keeps me from just picking up something easy because I already know what we have planned.  There are some great blogs that share their meal plans for the week (The Gracious Wife and Mix and Match Mama).  I also love to just go type in what I'm wanting to make over on skinnytaste, whether it be crock pot meal, chicken, or Mexican and get a variety of  recipes to choose from.  This week I'm making maple Dijon chicken, turkey meatballs and spaghetti and santa fe chicken over brown rice.  Yum!!

Meal Prep Sunday! Need Help? Ask me how!!! alyssayourish@gmail.com:

3.  It's okay not to like the pumpkin spice latte, or PSL as people call it, from Starbucks.  Guys, I try to like it.  Every year I think maybe I'll give it another try.  Everyone loves them.  Then I get one, take one sip, and think, "Why did I waste my money?!"  I'm just not on the PSL train. #sorrynotsorry  I am on the peppermint mocha train and the salted caramel mocha train. 
BRACE YOURSELVES The pumpkin spice latte posts are coming - BRACE YOURSELVES The pumpkin spice latte posts are coming  Misc:

4.  Wear sunscreen and more sunscreen.  We went to the lake this weekend, and I applied sunscreen...only not enough.  My back is red like a lobster.   Lesson sadly learned. 
Sunburn relief. Pinning this for future references this summer:

Happy Wednesday!!  Today Max has his first lacrosse practice, and he's so excited! 


  1. I've always hated PSLs (I swear they tasted like soap to me) but Michael got one on Monday and I tried it (I never order my own...I make other people let me try every year to see if I still hate it haha!) and liked it! He got coconut milk...so I'm wondering if that had anything to do with it? I don't know, but I'm still scared I'll order one and then hate it and it will have been a fluke. My favorite was the toasted graham latte from last year and it's not coming back this year. :(((

    Oh my gosh, I burn sooo badly. I don't go below SPF 50 and I swear I reapply constantly, but if I'm in the sun for a whole day, no matter what I do I burn somewhere!

    Thanks for linking up!!!

  2. Thanks so much for linking up! Meal planning is a life saver and it makes grocery shopping easier, less expensive, and less frequent. I will have to check out those blogs!

    I also don’t like pumpkin spice lattes, despite trying every year. Love this (extremely truthful) meme! Yay for us being the black sheep of blogging!

    Lexi, Lex Be Livin’