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I know you're thinking, "It's Thursday and she's doing weekly lessons today?"  I know, I know.  Yesterday Emma had her first day of soccer and I couldn't wait to share all the cuteness! 

So today is the day for some weekly lessons.  Linking up with Mattie and Lexi.

I should have taken naps when I was a kid, and appreciate them.  I remember my Grandma would make us take a nap at 2:00, and I hated it.  Or we'd have to nap before we could go swimming.  Now, I wish I could take all the naps in the world, especially on Wednesdays.  I know on Wednesdays we wear pink and drink wine, but Wednesday should also be for naps.  With Emma having soccer practice and Max having lacrosse practice after school...I was full of yawns and ready for bed by 6:30. 

Nap queen right here! #SaboSkirt:

Keep up with my Fantasy Football. Guys, I was so excited about  my team, and then I played my friend, Jakub, who has Big Ben and Antonio Brown.  Umm...I was wanting them to do well because I wanted the Steelers to win, which they did, which made Jakub kick my butt in our league.  I don't want to lose again!  If you watched the MNF game and you saw AB score a touchdown and then twerk or whatever you want to call it in the endzone...you can't unsee it.  I cringe just thinking about it. 
The 15 Most Addicting Things About Playing Fantasy Sports:

 Pick your battles when it comes to your kids.  Seriously, we could probably have an argument about everything, but somethings just aren't worth having crying kids over.  For example, today Max put on a pair of socks that weren't ankle socks, so he loves to pull them up as high as he can.  I told them to push them down a little.  He rolled them down, and thought it looked so cool.  Was that cool once?  I feel like it was.  I told him he wasn't going to wear his socks like that, which made him mad and grumpy with me.  I like our mornings, because he's normally so happy and smiley.  Even though the rolled socks bothered me (I don't know why) I let him.  Roll your socks, Max.  Roll your heart out.

Don't drink and drive.  Even if you feel like you are okay, don't drive.  Today on FB a friend reacted to a story about a girl in AZ who was killed by a drunk driver.  I happen to watch the news video and they interviewed the girl's mom.  My heart stopped.  I worked with the mom at the first school I taught at.  We taught 3rd grade together.  Her daughter was killed Monday.  She was 19.   Driving drunk is stupid.  I lost a cousin to a drunk driver.  It makes me so angry and sad to think about it.  Don't drink and driveEVER.

 I'm doing a DietBet.  My first one, and I'm pretty pumped about it.  I have to lose 4% of my weight in 4 weeks.  I joined Mama Laughlin's game, and I love her.  Figured I might as well motivate myself to lose some weight.  If I reach my goal I get my $35 back and split the pot with the other winners.  I plan on winning. 

I'm making this for dinner tonight.  You really need to check out skinnytaste if you already haven't.  We're love it.  I'm also loving that it's almost Friday.  Thank.Goodness

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  1. I remember I used to roll my socks. Not like roll roll, but if they were taller and they weren't patterned I folded them down. But I don't think it was 'cool' or anything, I only did it with long pants so you couldn't see my socks. I'm not sure why I did...either I didn't like the feeling of them going up all the way or my mom just always did it. Ha!

    Drunk driving is so horrible. You could so easily kill or hurt yourself or countless other people. I don't understand why people do it. It really gets my blood boiling when stupid people say stuff like, "Yeah, he's the designated drunk driver of our friend group." Like that person is GOOD at drunk driving. UGH. People are SO stupid sometimes.