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Linking up with Mattie and Lexi today!!

Some things I've learned this week:

Lacrosse gear is expensive.  I don't get it.  Kid gear shouldn't be so expensive. They are tiny people. Thankfully he's borrowing a helmet from the league, because that alone ranges from $100-250+.  Crazy.  Hopefully he get gets some good use from the gear, or maybe I'll just have him wear it...every day.

Interviews never get less nerve racking.  Not like I've had a ton of interviews, but I've had two in the past year and both times I've been so nervous I want to throw up.  This time around I talked to a friend right before and she took my mind off of it.  Then when I went to the school, I chatted up the secretary until the principal came out.  The secretary and I are total BFFs.   Luckily I only had to interview with the principal and the assistant principal and didn't have an office full of people asking me questions.  The interview itself lasted an hour and a half!  I ended the day with getting the job offer from the principal, and Tuesday morning I got the official job offer from the district!!  I accepted and did a happy dance.  I really lucked out, because school has been going on for over a month.  I'm going to be working at an amazing school.  Ah-mazing.

Just because something is more expensive doesn't mean it's better.  I checked out daycares Tuesday with Emma and one is a hop and skip away from the school.  It's also the most expensive, and the least impressive.  Sad face.  Total bummer, but I did see 2 really great ones.  I'm excited for Emma to be around kiddos her age and get back into the classroom setting.  One of the places even has a little cafeteria for the kids to eat snack and meals.  I died over the cuteness.  (We saw 2 not impressive daycares on Wednesday as well...)

NBC puts out some great shows.  I loved Parenthood and was so sad when it ended.  I watched This Is Us this morning on Hulu.  Guys, it's so good.  SO GOOD.  I laughed, I cried, I had all the feels.  I'm excited to see where this show goes.  All the heart eye emojis.  You need to watch it.
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  1. Gah I need to watch This Is Us!!! Everyone keeps raving and I mean look at the cast!!! That's it, forcing Michael to watch it on demand with me TONIGHT!

    Okay, I find it SUPER impressive you've had two interviews...and both times you go the job! That's awesome. The worst is going to an interview and hearing NOTHING. Not even getting an email or call that they went with someone else. And congrats again!