A Little Thing Called Strep

I started work this week!  I was so excited about meeting my class, my teammates, and being back in the classroom.  Then...Sunday night I started feeling bad.  Body aches, sore throat, chills...Monday morning came and I wanted to stay in bed.  I went to work though and powered through the day.  I napped during lunch time.  I took the best nap in my classroom with my head on the table.  I went to urgent care Tuesday and had the dreaded strep test done.  Those are the worst.  Test came back positive for strep...all the boos.  Wednesday I still felt pretty bad in the morning, but by the evening I was feeling tons better!  Thursday I went to work and had an amazing day!  Friday there were no kids at school for Parent Teacher Conferences, which meant I had a day to myself in my room.  I had lunch with my team and we laughed.  They are a group of great ladies.  I'm so excited for the rest of the school year!

I didn't take any pictures this week, but that will change.  Today we are having a fun event with Ian's work that we're pretty excited about!  It's' also a 3 day weekend!  Woohoo!!  Have a great weekend, friends!

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