Birthday and Pumpkins

Today is a pretty special day.  Today is my Dad's birthday!!  He's an amazing Dad.  I'm thankful every day that I get to call him my Dad, and that Max and Emma get to call him Grandpa. 
Yesterday we went to our neighborhood Halloween party for the kiddos, and Max and Emma had fun!  There was a bouncy house that was the hit of the party.  Then mid jumping it started to deflate.  The kids panicked.  Emma started to cry.  We got them out, and then Emma stated that she is never, ever, ever going to get into again. 
Later in the night we carved our pumpkin.  Max was not a fan of pulling out the guts.
Emma on the other hand was all about it.  She would say, "Ewww!" with every handful.

Then Max and Emma painted pumpkins.  A family tradition since 2010 when Max just a couple months old. 

They both took their painting super seriously.  Emma kept asking for more time. "How bout 2 more minutes Mommy?" 

Emma named her pumpkin Princess Leia and Max, of course,  named his Darth Vader.
Enjoy your Sunday!!!  Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

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