Halloweens Past

Holidays with kids are a lot of fun.  One of my favorite holidays to celebrate with the kids is Halloween.  The excitement and joy that comes from them is contagious.  The way they yell/sing, "Trick-or-Treat!!!!!!"  Now it's more like, "Trick-or Treat! Smell my feet!  Give me something good to eat!  Not an apple or a pear.  Not grandma's underwear!"  Max just sang this and I LoLed so hard. 

Our first Halloween has a family of 3, and we dressed Max up as a hotdog.  The look on his face.  He has to be thinking, "WTF Mom and Dad."
The following year he was our very own super hero!  He wore his costume to the Coyotes game and ran around with his cape flying in the wind. 
Then he wanted to be Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates, until he had to put on his costume.  Then he wanted nothing to do with Jake.  I bribed him with candy.  Then all was fine in the world.  I tell you, my bribing game is still going strong.
Our first Halloween in Washington!  Back to being our super hero.  For 3 years old, he was pretty muscular.  He kept us safe while trick-or-treating.
For his first Halloween party at preschool, he dressed up as a Steelers player.  The cutest football player ever.

We had Optimus Prime and his side kick.....
 Bumble Bee...I love this picture so much.  Her little hands. 

Last year we Anna and a skeleton.

No, make that Elsa and a skeleton!
This time of year is my favorite.  It'll be our first holiday season in Georgia.  On Monday it's suppose to be a high of 86...the weather is definitely different from WA.  Today our neighborhood is having a Halloween party for the kids.  Max and Emma are pretty excited.  This year we'll have a pirate and Darth Vader to chase around.   Did you expect anything different from Max? He is still obsessed with The Dark Side (he wants me to say the power of the dark side)....and Emma is still obsessed with pink!
Happy Halloween Weekend!!!