Life Lately

I don't even remember if I shared some of these pictures....if I did.  I'm sorry.  We have been busy with work, tball, lacrosse and Ian ended up getting strep.  Life is a blur and I can't believe that Halloween and the end of October is one week away. 

The kiddos did their annual footprint ghosts.  I think I'm the one who gets super excited about this craft.  They love for me to paint their feet, because it tickles them.
This picture is from when we had Columbus day off.  I took the kiddos to their favorite park.  They had a blast playing.  It was hot out and the sun was shining. 
Max loves this park the most.  It's their castle park, and they would both love to go play there on the daily if I would take them.

Max got his school pictures back and I was a heart eyed emoji mess.  He is so stinkin cute, and looks so grown up!
Emma had her first tball practice last Monday, and it was the cutest thing ever.  She loved, loved it and can't wait to go back.  Unfortunately she's going to miss today because I have yet another meeting after school until  4. 
Notice her socks.  She pulls them as high as they will go. 
Her school had the fire department come out and show them the fire truck and talk fire safety.  She came home that day and talked our ears off about fire safety.  We were impressed with how much she learned from the firemen.
Max had a double header lacrosse games this weekend.  His team has improved so much from the first game!  Max made a few catches and key plays that lead to scoring.  He almost scored twice.  We were so proud of him!  I love watching him play.

Sunday Max went to his very first NFL game with Ian.  He was so excited. He has been to many NHL games, MLS games, MLB games and now a Falcons game.  He hasn't been to an NBA game, but we'll have to take him to see the Hawks play.  The kid loves sports.
How cute are they?
While the boys went to the game, I took Emma to get her nails done.  It was at the cutest place ever.  They took her back and put her in a robe.  It.Was.Adorable.  She picked out pink nail polish and one with sparkles.  She sat there and had a conversation with the young teenage girl painting her nails.  It was so much cuteness.  I had to facetime my mom to show her. 

All done!  She loved it so much, she asked if we could go back tomorrow.
There you have it.  That is life around here.  The weather has finally cooled down and it feels like Fall. .  We love it!  Georgia is definitely pretty in the Fall.
Hope you guys have a great week!!


  1. Oh my word Emma is so cute with her pink robe and nails!!! Also, why do I feel like Max looks so much older in that picture at the playground?!


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