Weekend Fun

Happy Monday!!  Max and I don't have school today, so we're keeping Emma home with us so we can have some fun!  Speaking of fun...this weekend was full of f-u-n.  Saturday Ian's work had an event at Stone Mountain Park.  We had an all day pass to the park, so we took full advantage and took in the site.

Sorry this is blurry, but it's the only family picture I got. Blurry> no family picture at all.  Right?

The park is ready for Halloween and had pumpkins dressed up like some of our favorites.
Star Wars.

Max read The Wizard of Oz at school and just watched the movie on Friday.  He was so excited! I snapped a picture and sent it to his teacher. 

Max played miniature golf with Ian, so Emma and I went to hang with Anna and Elsa.  Emma was in heaven!

We missed the pumpkin parade because we were watching the 4D movie for the 2nd time. 

We took in the museum information and posed by a replica of the carving on Stone Mountain.

Stone Mountain.

We ended out Saturday night taking in the laser show spectacular, and spectacular it was.  There was a Star Wars part that Max loved, and a part where they played Let it Go, which Emma loved

Sunday we went to Jakub and Mel's to watch our boys play.  They won!!  Woohoo!!  We ate yummy pizza and the best dill dip.  I've never had dill dip, and it was life changing people.  I will be making it in the near future.   We also watched the Presidential Debate, which I won't talk about, because it just gets me angry. 

On that note, Happy Monday!

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