Weekend Getaway

Ian texted me Friday and told me to pack a bag.  Yes sir!  Saturday we got up and made our way to Tennessee!  We've never been, so I was really excited!  That's the great thing about moving somewhere new.  You have so many places to explore. 
The drive up was beautiful and colorful.  I think Ian is getting annoyed every time I say the trees are so pretty, but guys...they are sooooo pretty!!  I love the oranges, reds, yellows mixed in with the dark green.  So lovely, and I will not stop saying how pretty I think it is.  Ever.
We made it to Chattanooga, and it is the cutest town.  We mostly stayed downtown and we loved it!  We went to the Creative Discovery Museum.  It's a hands on museum, and the kids loved it.  Ian and I each took a kid and went to explore.  There was a room for 4 and under, so I took Emma there while Ian took Max around. 
Holiday crafts and Christmas music was playing loud.  There were certain times throughout the day that it would "snow".  Emma loved it!  There was a grandpa there though, and Emma did not like him.  Every time he came into a room where we were, Emma wanted to leave.  She said she didn't like when he looked at her.  I trusted the vibes she was getting and we made out way to where Ian and Max were creating art.

The joy on her face.  If only it were real snow!
They have free shuttles down town that take you various places.  We rode one to North Shore and went to the Coolidge Park Carousel.  That sucker went around fast. 

That's Walnut Street Bridge.  It's a bridge only for pedestrians and bicyclists.   I just googled it and apparently there is a wine tasting even that happens on the bridge.  Umm..I think we may have to plan another trip!

We backed over the Walnut Street Bridge, and it was flipping cold.  It was also flipping awesome!

Some of the amazing places we ate.  When we got into town we ate at Maple Street Biscuit Company.  Definitely my favorite place we ate.  I had biscuits and gravy, the kids had their mac and cheese and Ian had a chicken sandwich the most amazing honey mustard I've ever tasted.  We tried grits for the first time, and I'm sad to say the only who liked them was Ian.  Good Dog was on North Shore, and those fries were so delicious.  The kids were boring and got a hot dog with just mustard and ketchup.  Mellow Mushroom was right by our hotel, so Ian went and got us dinner.  I gave him to options and told him to surprise me for dinner.  He brought me back something that wasn't either of my options.  The calzone, was the best calzone I've ever had. 
Sunday morning we got up early and headed to the aquarium.   This aquarium was pretty impressive.  We all really liked it. 
Max would not stop talking about the sharks.  Every time one came around he would excitedly point it out. 
He was brave and stood with the spider crab.
We then went to The Incline that took us up Lookout Mountain.  It's the steepest incline and it was scary going to the top!! 
The trees were of course pretty looking going to the top. 
The view.  The tour guide said on a clear day you can see 6 states.
At the bottom of the incline there was a cute ice cream shop.  So we stopped, even though it was so cold out. 

The kids ate their ice cream in the car so we could hit the road and head home.  Once they were done, they were both asleep within 10 minutes.  They slept the whole way home!
We had such a fun weekend, and I can't wait for the week ahead! Hope you had a great weekend!! 


Life Lately

I AM ON THANKGIVING BREAK!!!!  I have one whole glorious week off of school, and I cannot be happier.  This week was so insanely busy.  I had literacy night, when kept me at school until after 7:30 Tuesday night, Thanksgiving Feast, College Week, Parade of Nations and our whole school did an Around the Activity where each grade level is a different continent (3rd was Europe).  We made suitcases to hold their papers, a passport and each class was a different country.  I was France.  It was fun, but goodness am I tired!!

Max also had book fair on Wednesday night, and it was a huge hit for both him and Emma.  Emma got a Pinkalicious book that happened to have a poster inside, and when she found out she squealed with delight.  It was so cute.
Max made this at school, and I found it to be so sweet.  He's so innocent.  I won't talk politics here, because we all have our different views.  I will say hearing my students talk the day after the election was heart breaking.  8 year olds hear so much and feel so much.  It's sad how much hate is in our own country.
Emma...oh Emma.  Lately she is soooo sassy and stubborn.  I'll ask her to do something and she'll simply reply with, "I cannot mommy.  I cannot." 
Her and Max can fight about anything.  A single look can start the biggest fight with them.  It drives me nuts.  Then we have our moments where they are insanely silly and laughing hysterically over saying the word poop.
Emma had picture day today.  I told her she could take her bow off right after her picture.  She hates wearing bows.  I'll send her off to school in one, and when I pick her up it's either in her backpack or pocket.   Her outfit she got for her bday a couple years ago.  She calls it her JakeMel shirt. 
I know this goes without saying, but Gilmore Girls comes out next week and I cannot wait.  I cannot.  My Facebook feed is all Gilmore Girl stuff and it makes me so happy.  I've already told Ian that when it comes out, he better not talk to me until I watch all 4 episodes.  He's on his own with Max and Emma.  Sorry babe, I'll be drinking coffee, eating poptarts,  watching my girls, and wishing I lived in Stars Hollow. 
You can expect some updates here next week.  We plan to have some major fun.  Major.
Happy Friday friends!!!  Enjoy your weekend!!


The Day I Met Emily Giffin

Oh, November you are off to a great start! Today was Max's last lacrosse games.  This kid amazes me with his love for sports.  He knew nothing about lacrosse, and 8 weeks later he is a lacrosse player. 
His Coach got each boy a little trophy and a lacrosse ball with their team name, name and year. 
Emma had fun eating her blueberry muffins, twirling and laughing.  She paid no attention at all to any of Max's games or practices.  True fan.
Yesterday on FB my favorite author said she was going to be at an event and signing.  The place was only about 30 minutes away.  So I went!!  She was at an elementary school that was having a holiday vendors.  It was so festive!  When I got there she was talking in the auditorium. I went in to watch, and I was so excited.  I was taking snaps and instastories, but an old lady told me to move because I was standing in front of her table.  So I cursed her in my head, and moved. 
When it was time to get her autograph I was second in line.  I had brought my own books.  I brought her newest book, First Comes Love,  for her to sign for my mom, and then Something Borrowed for her to sign for me.  When she saw it, she said, "Oh you have an original!"  Some guy asked if I wanted to take a picture., and I asked if I was allowed to.  She looks at me and says, "You can do whatever you want!" and laughs.  I was so nervous and giddy.  I've been reading her books since 2004.  I've reread all of her books numerous times.  I love them. Guys, I met my favorite author and took a picture with her.  A not so nice lady also took my picture of me handing my book to Emily to sign, so maybe I'll be in the Atlanta paper.  I don't know!  (I posted this picture on Instagram, and she commented on it! I had a minor freak out.)

November 5, 2016...you were an amazing day.


Halloween 2016

Aren't they the cutest? 

Halloween 2016 went down in our books as a success.  Both kiddos got 3.2 pounds of candy each.  Max made some great memories, because a couple houses in he ran into two of his classmates.  It was crazy to watch him run from house to house with his friends.  He looked so grown up.  Emma wanted to be part of his group, and ended up in tears when he wasn't listening to her.  I felt sad for her, because little does she know that's how it's going to be as he continues to get older. 

At first when it was just Max and Emma they would run from the house to tell us exactly what candy they got.  Then Emma would happily yell, "Let's go to another house!"

Such a fun night! Now the countdown to Thanksgiving, Gilmore Girls, my birthday and Christmas!!  Such a wonderful time of year!!