Halloween 2016

Aren't they the cutest? 

Halloween 2016 went down in our books as a success.  Both kiddos got 3.2 pounds of candy each.  Max made some great memories, because a couple houses in he ran into two of his classmates.  It was crazy to watch him run from house to house with his friends.  He looked so grown up.  Emma wanted to be part of his group, and ended up in tears when he wasn't listening to her.  I felt sad for her, because little does she know that's how it's going to be as he continues to get older. 

At first when it was just Max and Emma they would run from the house to tell us exactly what candy they got.  Then Emma would happily yell, "Let's go to another house!"

Such a fun night! Now the countdown to Thanksgiving, Gilmore Girls, my birthday and Christmas!!  Such a wonderful time of year!!

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