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I AM ON THANKGIVING BREAK!!!!  I have one whole glorious week off of school, and I cannot be happier.  This week was so insanely busy.  I had literacy night, when kept me at school until after 7:30 Tuesday night, Thanksgiving Feast, College Week, Parade of Nations and our whole school did an Around the Activity where each grade level is a different continent (3rd was Europe).  We made suitcases to hold their papers, a passport and each class was a different country.  I was France.  It was fun, but goodness am I tired!!

Max also had book fair on Wednesday night, and it was a huge hit for both him and Emma.  Emma got a Pinkalicious book that happened to have a poster inside, and when she found out she squealed with delight.  It was so cute.
Max made this at school, and I found it to be so sweet.  He's so innocent.  I won't talk politics here, because we all have our different views.  I will say hearing my students talk the day after the election was heart breaking.  8 year olds hear so much and feel so much.  It's sad how much hate is in our own country.
Emma...oh Emma.  Lately she is soooo sassy and stubborn.  I'll ask her to do something and she'll simply reply with, "I cannot mommy.  I cannot." 
Her and Max can fight about anything.  A single look can start the biggest fight with them.  It drives me nuts.  Then we have our moments where they are insanely silly and laughing hysterically over saying the word poop.
Emma had picture day today.  I told her she could take her bow off right after her picture.  She hates wearing bows.  I'll send her off to school in one, and when I pick her up it's either in her backpack or pocket.   Her outfit she got for her bday a couple years ago.  She calls it her JakeMel shirt. 
I know this goes without saying, but Gilmore Girls comes out next week and I cannot wait.  I cannot.  My Facebook feed is all Gilmore Girl stuff and it makes me so happy.  I've already told Ian that when it comes out, he better not talk to me until I watch all 4 episodes.  He's on his own with Max and Emma.  Sorry babe, I'll be drinking coffee, eating poptarts,  watching my girls, and wishing I lived in Stars Hollow. 
You can expect some updates here next week.  We plan to have some major fun.  Major.
Happy Friday friends!!!  Enjoy your weekend!!

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