The Day I Met Emily Giffin

Oh, November you are off to a great start! Today was Max's last lacrosse games.  This kid amazes me with his love for sports.  He knew nothing about lacrosse, and 8 weeks later he is a lacrosse player. 
His Coach got each boy a little trophy and a lacrosse ball with their team name, name and year. 
Emma had fun eating her blueberry muffins, twirling and laughing.  She paid no attention at all to any of Max's games or practices.  True fan.
Yesterday on FB my favorite author said she was going to be at an event and signing.  The place was only about 30 minutes away.  So I went!!  She was at an elementary school that was having a holiday vendors.  It was so festive!  When I got there she was talking in the auditorium. I went in to watch, and I was so excited.  I was taking snaps and instastories, but an old lady told me to move because I was standing in front of her table.  So I cursed her in my head, and moved. 
When it was time to get her autograph I was second in line.  I had brought my own books.  I brought her newest book, First Comes Love,  for her to sign for my mom, and then Something Borrowed for her to sign for me.  When she saw it, she said, "Oh you have an original!"  Some guy asked if I wanted to take a picture., and I asked if I was allowed to.  She looks at me and says, "You can do whatever you want!" and laughs.  I was so nervous and giddy.  I've been reading her books since 2004.  I've reread all of her books numerous times.  I love them. Guys, I met my favorite author and took a picture with her.  A not so nice lady also took my picture of me handing my book to Emily to sign, so maybe I'll be in the Atlanta paper.  I don't know!  (I posted this picture on Instagram, and she commented on it! I had a minor freak out.)

November 5, 2016...you were an amazing day.


  1. Sooo cool that you got to meet her!! I actually haven't read any of her books, but I've been meaning to. I did see the movie though...Something Borrowed, right?

    1. Yes! Something Borrowed is by far my fav book by her.