Life Lately

I'm so happy this past week is over.  It was a busy one full of meetings, observations, Ian went out of town for an overnight, holiday party, basketball practice and game.  Let's just say today I took a nap on and off for three hours today, and  I loved every sleeping minute.  I'm not sure if I'll be able to sleep tonight, but we'll see. 

This week I got a birthday gift from my Mama.  She knows me so well!!  I couldn't wait to drink coffee out of it.  It would have been even more perfect if I would have watched Gilmore Girls while drinking from it, but I did not.  Next time. 
Emma girl at school.  She loves her teacher and classmates.  I love getting picture of her like this during the week.  They try and take a picture or two a day to send to parents on their app.  I absolutely love it. 
Max had his second practice and first game where they took a score.  Sadly they lost, but Max scored 6 of their points!!  He played so good and got more confident as the game went on.  It was so adorable to watch.  I can't say enough how cute it is to watch Ian coach him.  He has to teach a lesson during practice, and this week it was listening.  He passed out two medals to kiddos who showed that they were great listeners.  Super cute!  
"Sparkle" has been having lots of fun around here.  I can't remember if I mentioned here that we can't find the original Sparkle.  We packed him when we moved, and we searched everywhere and he's no where to be found.  So I had to purchase a new one.  Emma loves finding him each morning, and giggles so sweetly when she finds him.  I love it.  It makes mornings fun.  She got a good kick out of him snuggled in her pink blanket reading Pinkalicious.
I have a week and a half left of work.  I'm looking forward to two weeks off, and sleeping in.  It snowed in Washington this past week and all my friends were posting pictures and videos.  Made me kind of jealous.  I have my moments where I really miss WA.  It's crazy to me that at the beginning of the year we were in WA and had no idea that come August we'd be moving across country to GA.  Crazy how life works sometimes. 
Have a great week friends!  Stay warm!


  1. I love that mug! And I love all the places you've put Sparkle! So fun.

    1. I need to do a way better job next year! I forgot a few nights! Oops.

  2. Super cute photos of Emma and Sparkle! I like how supportive you are of Max too.