This past week was long.  Hurricane Irma turn tropical storm hit GA on Monday.  School was canceled Monday and Tuesday.  Come Tuesday the power was still out at schools in our district, so Wednesday was also canceled.  The area where we live got some major wind and some rain.  It was scary.  I was convinced trees were going to fall on our house.  Luckily they did not.  It was nowhere near what those hit by Hurricane Irma went through.  For our first tropical storm ever though, scary

We went back to school on Thursday.  This girl had picture day Friday.  She had her outfit picked out for a week.  She knew exactly what she wanted to wear.  I curled her hair, and she looked so grown up!  All the heart eyes for my girl.
Ian and I have been playing pool a lot.  He's really good and beats me all the time.  I have won 3 times now, and twice were because he scratched the 9 ball.  A wins a win though, right?  I'm getting better though, and it's a matter of time before I start winning back to back games.  He better watch out!  Max and Emma cheer for me, which I think it's because I'm always losing and they feel bad for me. 
Max had a baseball game today, which I missed because out couch was supposed to be delivered today.  Max's team won 12-6!!  I missed it.  To top it off, the company delivered the wrong couch for the second time!  What the heck?! 
Tonight Ian is hanging out with our friend, Spencer.  The kiddos and I are going to partay!  Really that just means I don't have to make dinner and there may be a movie and ice cream involved. You know, a party to a 4 and 7 year old.  Fun times!  I'm also going to attempt to put together some furniture by myself.  Just call me Joanna Gaines.
Happy Weekend friends!


Life Lately

What a week.  I feel like 4 day work weeks last way longer than a normal work week.  They go by slow, and I'm so ready for Friday. 

We took a trip to Home Depot, and they have all the Halloween decorations out.  Max and Emma asked for me to take a picture of them next to the skeleton dinos.  They also wanted us to buy them.  No.

Bubbles are a favorite of ours.  We spent about 45 minutes playing outside with bubbles.  I mean, just look at his face.  All the heart eyes for that kid.

Emma.  Oh this sweet girl means business when it comes to bubbles.  When no bubbles happen, she gets so mad. 

"Do I look cool Mommy?"  Always my Emma girl.  See all those papers in her hands?  She draws so many pictures at school.  She's really loving drawing people at the moment.  She's getting really good at it, and she always has a story to share with her pictures.  She'll lay them on the floor and start with one and work her way to the last.  It's really sweet to listen to.  She is full of imagination.
Max had his first game this week.  Him in his uniform was beyond cute.  I'm so happy I snapped this picture.  Emma was a proud sister for a hot second.  The rest of the time she could have cared less about the game.  Max did great!  The game ended in a tie, the coaches got into a heated back and forth conversation, and some parents are cray cray.  These boys are 7/8 and the way one dad was acting, you would have thought it was the MLB and this game was for the world series.  Woah, doesn't it sound like I really know baseball?  Ha!  I don't.

I am totally that Mom taking pictures and video throughout the entire game.  I probably always will be.  It's just too cute not to be documenting it.  When the time comes for him to be catcher and he has to put on all the gear.  I'm going to die.  So flipping adorable. 
We went to the grocery store to get some water and nonperishable food for next week.  Irma is supposed to hit our area on Tuesday morning and the power could go out.  Obviously it's not going to be nearly as bad as those who will face it in Florida and along the coast.  When we went to the store though, there was no water left.  Seeing the empty aisle made me feel a bit panicked, and I just wanted to find some water.  We did leave with wine, because priorities.  We went to another store and found some water, so my mama is happy.  She had told me to go out and get supplies, and I told her we would this weekend.  When I told her there was no water, I could hear the "I told you so" in her voice.  Moms know best, right?
Happy weekend, friends!  Keep those in Irma's path in your thoughts and prayers.



Twenty-one years ago I watched my brother being born.  I remember it like yesterday.  My dad picked me up from school, and told me my mom was in labor.  We went to the hospital.  I was so excited!  When he was born, I cried. I'm getting teary eyed just thinking about it now.  Hearing a baby's first cry is such a beautiful sound.  The whole experience was kind of traumatizing for me.  I was 13.  It was one of the best days of my life.  This little baby boy changed my 13 year old self. 
It's funny...well now it's funny, Antonio and I used to fight all the time.  I don't even know what we fought about, because when I was in high school he was 2!  When we'd go to the store, I'd walk around with him.  Take him to the toy section.  I was such a great big sister.  He would call me mom!  I'd get so mad.  He'd keep doing it though.  I probably could have died from embarrassment.  Now I have Max or Emma call him dad.  Ha! 
Over the years I've been able to experience his first hockey game and Steelers game (preseason, but still!) with him.  He doesn't like the Penguins, so I'm not sure where we went wrong.  I've watched him grow up.  He's taken on his role as Uncle (and godfather to Max), and Max and Emma adore him. 
There aren't enough words to tell you how proud of my brother I am.  He's pretty amazing, and I'm so happy that on September 4, 1996 he came into my life.  I love you Antonio!  Happy Birthday!!


Life Lately

Hello September!!  I think September might be one of my favorite months.  I love all things FALL!!   Life over here has been pretty busy.  School has been going great for Max, Emma and myself.  I love getting to see Max for a minute at lunch.  I don't know if it makes his day, but it definitely makes mine.

Baseball is going to be our life for the next couple months.  Luckily Emma has made some friends, and I think practice and games will be more enjoyable for her.  Max plays so well!!  I know I've said many times around here that baseball is my least favorite sport.  It still is, but I LOVE watching Max play.  It's just so cute.  A couple of friends from school are on his team as well! 

This girl kills me.  I put crew socks on her, and she first said how cozy they feel.  Then as we were coming down the steps she said, "Oh these socks look adorable on me!"  I was so giggly after she said it, because she did look so adorable.  She's been rocking it at school.  She's filled up 3 charts in the past couple weeks and gets to pick from the treasure box.  She recently had a taste testing activity at school.  She tried black coffee and told me it was gross.  She does yoga and is learning to count to 100.  She loves to learn and loves to tell us all about it. 

Oh Shane Doan.  My favorite hockey play retired this week.  I still think he would have played another year had the Coyotes decided not to give him a contract.  Crap move on their end.  I heart this guy so hard.  He's just a nice human being.  I know I'm talking like I know him.  He said hi to me once so that makes us friends, right?
You guys know my love for Gilmore Girls.  I'd live in Stars Hollow if it were a real place.  I saw this mug, and knew it had to me mine.  When I get it, I think I'll have to start my show from the beginning again....for the 9th time. 
I wanted to go apple picking today.  Apparently there's football on....Roll Tide!


Solar Eclipse

We have been talking about this day for the past week at school.  I've been super excited about it.  Our district gave today as an excused absence, so we had a lot of kiddos out.  I normally have 19 in my homeroom and I started the day off with 8.  By the end of the day I was at 4.  In one block I had TWO kids.  It was crazy! 

When it came time to watch the eclipse our principal said we could take out our own kids to see it.  I was so excited to share this experience with Max.  I mean...look at that smile.  He was so excited.  I was so excited.  It was freaking awesome. 
Our CST Coach pointed out the shadows, which I honestly hadn't noticed.  When we went outside the second time it was weird.  It was like I was wearing my sunglasses, but I wasn't.  I was able to take Max out again, and watching him look at the sun.  Guys, I can't tell you how cool it was. 
Emma girl had her own party.  She got dressed up, made a craft and had moon pies.  It was a ligit party. Or lit as the cool kids say. 
I'm bummed it's over.  I am excited to hear all about what my students experienced today with their families.  I had some parents send me pictures.  Super cute! 
Happy Monday friends!  I'd say this has been a great Monday!


Birthday Survey SEVEN

Our boy is SEVEN!!!  I'm not sure where the time goes, but here we are at another birthday survey.  At the bottom you'll find links to all past surveys.  It's fun to read to see how much or little his answers have changed over the years. 
Happy Birthday my sweet boy!! 

Birthday Survey

Favorite Food:
Pizza, because it's super cheesy.
Favorite sport:
Baseball, because you can hit homeruns.
Favorite show:
Dude Perfect (YouTube)
Best Friend:
Favorite thing to learn right now:
The thing I do most awesomely is:
Playing board games, because I'm an expert.
If I could go anywhere in the world:
Pittsburgh, because I want to see the Steelers field.
Favorite color:
Black and yellow, because they are for the Penguins.
When I grow up I'm going to be...:
Baseball player for the Marlins.
Current favorite song:
Juju on that beat (so last year)
Favorite book:
Where the Wild Things Are
Three words that describe me:
Gamer, fast and funny
My favorite season:
Winter, because it snows and you can build a snowman.
Favorite snack
Cheez-It crackers
One food that I dislike:
If I had one wish it would be..:
to hit a homerun in my first baseball game!



Life Lately

What. A. Month. We closed on our house, and 5 days later I was back at work. I started year 10, Emma started pre-k and Max is a 2nd grader. Time needs to slow down.

She looks like such a big girl.

Sneak Peek day! Our PTA is awesome and made this bulletin board.

How awesome is my picture? Hello 1990. 

I'm so happy he's at my school this year!!!

Happy Friday!!


Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!  It's my last Friday of summer break.  Back to work next week!  I'm always excited for the start of a new school year.  This year marks 10 years of teaching!

Let's get to my favorites.

Guys, I loved this book.  It made me cry, laugh and feel all the feels. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it.  I want to read it with Max this year, because the message is one every kid and human being should learn.  The movie comes out in November.  I've seen the trailer 3 times, and every time I cry.  So. Good.

This week I went to my classroom and set it up!  I made this bulletin board.  Thank you Pinterest.  My kiddos will be learning Math, Science, Social Studies and Health from me, but they will also be getting daily doses of kindness.  I obviously want them to learn everything I'm teaching, but I want them to be kind.  Always be kind.

Also a Pinterest find.  Emoji board!  The new movie comes out today, and I'm hoping they get a kick out of the emojis I made. The many faces of 3rd grade.   Dollar store yellow plates and markers for the win! 

My MOST favorite thing this week: we bought a house!!!!  We love everything about this house.  From the moment we saw it, it was like it was meant to be.  I'll be sharing more, as we get settled.  Eek!!!  Happy dance!!!

Happy Friday!! 


August 13th

August 13th is slowly creeping up on me. 25 days away.  As the day gets closer, I'm feeling more lost. I get consumed with thinking about what life would be like as a family of 5.
I was watching Marley & Me awhile back, and the scene where Jen Aniston's character is at the doctor having an ultrasound. She finds out her baby doesn't have a heartbeat.  That moment took me back to August 13th. I had gone to the doctor a week before, because of signs that had me worried. We listened to the heartbeat. Our baby's heart was pounding away. A baby's heartbeat is the sweetest sound. Music to your ears. It's a sound that you don't forget hearing. When I went back to the doctor to check  on our baby on August 13th, I wanted to hear that sweet sound so bad. When I heard the doctor say there was no heartbeat...my heart stopped. A whole life I was planning for gone. Just like that our baby was gone. 
It'll be 3 years since we lost our sweet baby. 3 whole years.  I'll tell you it doesn't matter if it's 3 years, 3 months or 3 days. The ache I have for our sweet baby is the same. 
Max and Emma know the angel we have is special, but they don't fully understand. Max was 3 almost 4 when I miscarried. Emma was 15 months.  This past week Emma was looking at the angel and the wing broke. I got so mad, I cried.  I tried to explain why the angel means so much. That lead to questions. Oh my sweet boy. Max asked a lot of questions. One of them being, "So you had a baby in your tummy? Well...how did you and Daddy put it there?"  Ummmm....crickets. He's 6.  He doesn't need to know about the birds and bees quite yet. 
To my sweet baby, who I'm assuming has access to my blog up in Heaven. I love you. My heart aches for you. I wish so badly you were here. Life would have been so full, so complete with you here. You will forever be my favorite what if. 
Remember that miscarriages happen. 1 in 4 women will experience the pain and loss. If you know someone who has had a miscarriage be considerate of your words. Be kind. Be a good listener. Be a shoulder to cry on. Be there. Be understanding. A woman changes. Your heart isn't the same after a loss. You go from a place full of life and light to a place so dark. No matter who is around you, you feel alone.  You learn to live with the ache. It doesn't go away, but you learn to live with it.  
August 13th my least favorite day. 


A Weekend of Swimming

Max and Emma completed a week of swim lessons, and we have two swimmers!!  Max moved up a level and Emma moved up 2 levels!

When we moved to GA we were surprised that most communities have a pool.  It has been the best thing ever.  This week it has been hot, and we've practically have lived at the pool.
Max is all about the cannon balls.

They won't swim without their goggles.
Emma makes me laugh.  We had them get out of the pool to reapply sunblock and take a few minutes to sit in the shade.  I turn to  talk to Emma and she had made herself comfortable.  I love that she still had her goggles on.
We also had to go for ice cream, because it was National Ice Cream Day and all. 
Such a fun weekend with my favorite people. 


Just keep Swimming

Max and Emma started swim lessons in June.  They were taking lessons every Saturday.  Emma picked it up right away, and was swimming by her 3rd lesson.  Max took awhile to get comfortable in the water.  I put him in lessons back in WA, and it was a traumatizing experience for both of us.  This week they are taking swim every day, and I don't know what changed for Max.  Something just clicked, but he can swim!!!   

We have two swimmers, and I'm so proud I could cry!


4th of July

A little 4th of July recap on this Thursday morning.  We came back from our staycation on the 4th.  I really wish we could have stayed downtown an extra night, because our room at an amazing view of the park where the fireworks were happening.  Oh well....instead we came home.  Both kids were not happy campers, full of tears.  Then the sky opened and poured down all the rain with a little side of lightning and thunder.  Our power went out of a hot minute, and I thought that was the end of our 4th of July. 

I was wrong!  We went outside and had some from with Pop Its, or Poppers...whatever you want to call them.  Emma forgot where she wasn't supposed to throw them and ended up throwing them at Max once.  She didn't forget again.  Ian gave them a sparkles lesson 101.  We did a box of those, but decided it wasn't dark enough.  We went inside and played a family game of Sorry. 

 Max immediately declared himself to be champion.  I have no idea where he gets his competitiveness from.  I started off pretty strong, and got all the right cards.  Of course, the boys team up against me.  Emma came out of nowhere and had three of her pegs in home, and she waited a few rounds before beating us all!  She was victorious!
Then we went outside for some more fun with sparklers. 

Our neighborhood went bananas with the big and loud fireworks.  They lit up the skies and left a smoke cloud until about 1:30.  The kids and Ian slept through all the noise...I did not.  I woke up this morning with both kids in bed, and I've had all the coffee.  It was a fun family celebration!
We're excited for the month of July!  We went to Target today and the school supplies are out.  I love new school supplies with all of my teacher heart!
Happy Friday eve!  It's almost the weekend!!  



Happy Wednesday friends!!  I hope you guys had a great 4th!  I'll share some of our pictures of our 4th at home tomorrow, but first our staycation.   We headed to downtown Atlanta for a couple days.  We stayed at the OMNI hotel, and it was the perfect place to stay.  It was within walking distance of the places we went, and our room had a beautiful view.
Our first stop on our staycation was The World of Coca-Cola.  We walked through the Centennial Olympic Park.  The Olympic rings on the ground are fountains, and it becomes a splash pad.  We meant to take the kiddos there, but the park was closed on Monday to get ready for the 4th of July celebration. 
We made it to The World of Coca-Cola, and had to stand in an insanely long line...in the humidity.  Once we got in though, we all enjoyed a coke.  The kids were so excited that we even let them have their own coke.
We did a little taste testing of the coke from around the world...some were much better than others.  I won't say which one tastes terrible, because when family comes to visit we are taking them there, and I wouldn't want to ruin the experience for them...or us to see their faces! Max and Emma were in coke heaven, and probably would have stayed in that section all day.  We didn't let them, obviously. 
We discovered the secret formula....
Our night view from our room.

Emma and Max would stand at the window and look out at the view.  Emma was usually pointing out something she saw to Max.  Seeing the world through their eyes is always the best.  They see things that sometimes we miss. 
Day 2 we went to the College Football Hall of Fame.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but let me tell you it was so fun!!  When you first get their you get these badges that are tied to the college team you pick.  Your whole experience is personalized. 
There are 3 levels to the hall of fame.  The first floor has a field with different football activities you can do.  This was Max and Emma's favorite part...I think maybe Ian's too. 

Are they not the cutest? 
I represented my NMSU Aggies! 
The 2nd floor had games you can play, a play to karaoke your college's fight song, film a game day scene, create a marching band routine, and so much more. 
We were there for over two hours.  Definitely a fun place for any football fan!!
Yesterday before heading home we did the CNN tour.  It was pretty cool.  It's not really for kids though.  50 minutes of straight talking was too much for them.
All in all, our staycation was a success and so much fun!! 
Update on the road rage incident.  The detective called me this weekend, and unfortunately the prints didn't have a match.  Also the cameras at the store didn't catch the whole incident...boo.  Hopefully I don't see him again.