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Hello....it's me.....the girl who blogs once in a blue moon.  Guys, I just can't find the time to sit down regularly and blog it up.  Life with 2 young children, a full time job...that leaks into hours at home working as well, makes for early bedtimes for all.  I kid you not, I've been going to be before 9 on most nights.  It's not something I'm mad about, because I love my sleep, but it really makes me feel old.  A little life update for all.

Emma: She's 3 years almost 8 months and she can have the attitude of a 13 year old.  She is also the sweetest girl ever.  She loves school.  She's been learning how write all her letters and is pretty good at writing her name.   She colors really well, and I'm amazed at her art work that she does at school.  She loves for books to be read to her, and lately loves to read books by herself out loud.  It's really cute listening to her read.   The girl loves her some music to dance to.  She would live on goldfish (whole grain kind...we try to be super healthy over here.) and milk if I let her. 

Max: His bff moved away over winter break, and schools not the same for him.  Makes my heart hurt for him.   He still likes school, but that love he had for it when he was in Kinder has gone away.  Every day he tells us his 3 favorite parts of his day.  2 of the 3 are almost always recess and lunch time.  He's always full of knowledge, because he knows everything. He'll tell us this too.  He loves basketball and football.  He's cheering for the Falcons in the Super Bowl.   He would live on pb and honey sandwiches and milk if I let him. 

Ian: The man is busy with work.  Like really busy.  He's worked for sports teams for the past 11 years (I think) and I feel like this is the first year that he's just soooooo busy with work.  It's his first season with the Globetrotters, and they are currently in season.  Have you been to a game?   He's also coaching Max's basketball team, which leaves me looking at him with all the heart eyes.  He would live on Newk's (Panera Break like restaurant)  if I let him.

Me: I'm currently teaching my 9th year.  I'm really enjoying my new school and teammates.  I'm only teaching Math and Science, which has taking some getting use to.  I really miss teaching Reading and Writing.   I've been a gym member for just over a month and I'm loving it.  I'm down 7 pounds and counting.  I could live on Starbucks and Chick-Fil-A if I could.  Sadly, what I love at both places isn't the healthiest.  

Emma recently got over the flu and strep.  Max celebrated his 100th day of school.  Ian met up and had dinner and drinks with a friend from AZ.  I had a root canal....that's a post for another day.  I'm traumatized.   We also tagged along with Ian on a work trip to Chattanooga.  There was a Globetrotters game, and it was so much fun.  I love Chattanooga.  It reminds us of Portland. 

100 year old Max.  His teacher sent this to me, and I couldn't stop laughing.
Our first time eating ice cream at a Ben and Jerry's and it was so worth it!
The kiddos both got cotton candy and I got The Tonight Dough, and wholly molly it was good.

Ian had me on the list for parking, and the security guard gave me the hardest time parking.  I didn't have a badge, and she thought Ian was a Globetrotter.  I parked right by the bus, which was super cool, but Ian had to come and get us to show his badge.  I mean, I'm a mom with 2 kids....I don't know what she thought I was going to do....

My favorite place to eat, I think ever.  Maple Street Biscuit Company.  The food is so good and inexpensive. 

Coming up for us: Emma gets to register for Pre-K. (excuse me while I cry)  Max has a Valentine's Party coming up, where I'm sure he'll pick Star Wars valentine cards.  Ian turns the big 3-5 in a couple months.  I'm looking forward to Spring Break....because teaching is hard people, and those breaks keep me sane. 

I'll leave you with a random tidbit.  The year we moves to WA, Seattle went to the Super Bowl and won.  This year we  moved to GA, the Falcons are going to the Super Bowl.  If they win, the next state we move to I'm placing a bet in Vegas for that team to win the Super Bowl.  (I shared this with my Mom and she said my brother already said this.  Great minds think alike!)

Happy Weekend!

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