Our Weekend

This weekend started early with basketball practice and a game for Max.  He played so great!  He made a couple baskets, made some assists and blocked a shot.  It was pretty awesome!  I love that he has his own sense of style.  He always has to wear his socks pulled up as high as they can go.  When it comes to basketball, he would play all time if he could.  He is so competitive and wants to win.  He's the only kid on his team who pays attention to the score.  When he scores, he'll look over at me with a huge smile on his face and a little hop in his step.  Really, if you were to look at him at any point in the game, you'd see a smile on his face.  The kid loves sports, and is definitely in his happy place when he's playing a game.

Every game there is a certain lesson that they are working on.  This weeks was Teamwork, and Max did an amazing job at passing the ball to his teammates.   He was excited about the medal for about 5 minutes, and then he started swinging it around.  I was waiting for him to clock Emma in the head with it, but luckily he did not.  I think I was more excited about him getting the medal.  Ian said it's more for the moms, and I proved the point by being so exited and taking his picture.  #momlife
Emma...my sweet, sweet Emma.  Ian had showed us a video of the nurses at a hospital in Pittsburgh wrapping the newborn babies in Terrible Towels.  A little while later Emma was quietly playing with her doll and she bring her over to me.  She had wrapped her in the Terrible Towel, and was so proud.  Cool fact: Her doll was my doll when I was little.  Same clothes, baby wrap and basket.  My mom kept it and gave it to us last time we were in NM.  I love how gentle Emma is with her baby.  She will be a great mom in the far future.
Ian took Max to lunch and to get a haircut yesterday, so me and this girl went on a lunch date and then grocery shopping.  For being 3 year old, Emma is so thoughtful.  She's loving and she'll let you know daily how much she loves you.  She's polite and will always yell a sweet, "Thank you for getting me____'"  She gives the best hugs.  Her voice is so sweet and music to my ears (most of the time).  She also has her moments when she is the sassiest girl and begs to sit in timeout with her diva attitude.  She can cry at the drop of a hat, which makes me believe that she would make a talented actress.   She is all girly girl and loves all things that sparkle.  Her nails need to be painted weekly, the more skirts in her wardrobe the happier she is, and she loves to slather her lips in her princess lip smackers.  She also loves a good turkey sandwich with cheese and pickles. 
Today we have no school and we are going to have a picnic lunch and playdate with a friend from Max's class.  He happens to have a sister Emma's age, and a mom my age.  Ha! Just kidding about the mom.  I'm not sure how old she is.
Happy Monday!  Some words I came across that are so true.  If you can't be kind, be quiet.   And with that, I hope you have a great week.  The kiddos and I are tagging along with Ian on a work trip this Friday, and I'm super excited!! Only a 3 day work week for me. Happy. Dance.

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