Guys! It snowed in Georgia last night!  We were on #snowwatch at our house for a couple hours, before the freezing rain turned to snow!  Max and Emma had me checking the weather app on my phone, and we would go look outside about every 5 minutes.  Finally it started to snow, and outside we went!  Max and Emma caught snowflakes in their mouths, we danced, there were snowballs thrown, there was ice skating in the street, screeches of excitement, giggling and fun memories made. 

There wasn't a lot of snow that fell, and it was so cold throughout the night that the snow froze.  Both kiddos were bummed that there wasn't fluffy piles of snow to make a snowman.  Though we did go play outside this morning, and have fun on the frozen snow.  Max was pointing out all icebergs that he saw.  I couldn't stop laughing.  It was so cute to hear him say it.  I posted some snaps (jenwink08) if you want to see our fun from last night to this morning. 

Max and Emma make everything so magical.  They've seen snow before, but you would have thought last night was their first time witnessing a snowfall.  Their little voices were full of excitement, and they would have stayed outside all night if we would have let them.  The first thing Emma said this morning when she woke up was, "Is it still snowing Mommy?" 
It may not have been a lot of snow to fall, but we made a lot of memories in the past 12 hours.  Seeing how excited they are with snow almost makes me want to live somewhere it snows a lot...almost
Stay warm this weekend!!  We'll be drinking hot chocolate, snuggled in blankets, watching football.  It's playoffs!  Steelers play tomorrow!  #HereWeGo

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