4 Day Weekend Fun

Hey friends!  I meant to post these pictures last week. I had a 4 day weekend, and it was awesome.  Well, minus the part where I spent 3 hours at the dentist because of the stupid post and crown I needed.  Temporary crown, not even the real thing yet.  I will never go this long with not going to the dentist again.  I learned my lesson the painful and expensive way.

Emma picked her hair accessory this day. It went perfectly with her pink nails and Star Wars shirt. 
Our girl got a haircut.  I don't know why I had the lady cut bangs.  Emma always pushes hers to the side.  She looks like she's ready for middle school.  Sob.
With the beautiful weather last weekend we found ourselves at the park.  The kids call it the wooden castle park.  They love it, and this day so did hundreds of other people.  Not hundreds, but it was packed.  Packed parks make me nervous.  Max and Emma paid no mind and played tag and ran wild.
My favorite is when Max wants to push Emma on the swing.  She'll yell, "Max! I need more energy!"
These two can play so nicely together, and Ian and I will look over at them with heart eyes.  Then 5 minutes later they are harassing each other and have to be told to get away from each other.  Siblings.
Happy weekend! 

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