A Case of the Throw Ups

There's nothing like being woken up and groggily trying to help your sick kid at 3:30 in the morning.  My sweet Emma was a hot mess today with a case of the throw-ups, as she says.  You never would have known she was sick with all the smiles she had for me.  She'd get sick, look at me and happily ask, "Okay, can I sit on your lap and watch a cartoon?"  She is the easiest sick patient to take care of.  She's managed to keep liquids down for the past few hours.  Thank goodness. 
For Easter we colored eggs, and Max and Emma had brightly colored fingers for the night.  Max was afraid to go to sleep that night because he did not want to wake up and see the Easter Bunny hopping around.   Luckily for him the Easter Bunny is quiet and sneaky and was never spotted by either kid. 
So this happened!  I met this lovely mama! I've been reading her blog since Harper was a baby.  The blog world is funny.  You read someone's blog for so long, you feel like you know them.  Even though you really don't.  When I asked Ian if he wanted to go with me he said, "Ummm...no."  He just doesn't get it. 
Jessica makes the sweetest prints, which you can find here.  I want to make Emma a gallery wall in her room, and these prints are perfect for the space.  I really want to buy all the prints from her shop!

25 more days of school!!  We just finished our big testing here, and I am so proud of my kids.  They worked so hard. I have mixed feelings about the testing, but that's a post for another day.
Happy Friday Eve!!!!

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