Life Lately

Guys!  I know you probably thought I was done with the blog.  I go back and forth telling myself that I'm done blogging.  Then I take pictures and want to share them on our space.  So let's get to it! 
2017 hasn't been the kindest year to us, but we always manage to have fun when we can.  Oh and we've been having F-U-N.
We went to Atlanta United FC home opener.  It was their first ever game, and it was a lot of fun.  I'm still a little bitter about soccer and the team that shall remain nameless.  Ian got us tickets and we were there with 55,000 other people cheering on the home team.  The lines to get in were insane.  The field is on the Georgia Tech campus, and it is the perfect venue to watch soccer.  Max and Emma lasted 45 minutes and then we headed home.
That same day Max an Ian enjoyed Monster Jam.  This was Max's 2nd time seeing it, and both him and Ian had fun.  It was a little too loud for Max, even with ear plugs.
A girl and her love for chocolate donuts.  
When I saw Max's spring school pictures I said, "Oh my goodness Max!" To which he replied, "I know mommy.  My face looks cute" I can't get over how grownup he looks.  He's just too cute.
St. Patrick's Day is a favorite in our house.  A leprechaun pays Max and Emma a visit and will leave a treat at the end of the rainbow.  This year the leprechaun was crafty and left some sidewalk art.  They got a box of Lucky Charms, bubbles and some stickers.  They were pretty excited!  The only bummer was that it rained the following day and all the art was gone when we went outside.  Emma was not happy.
Spring here in Georgia is so beautiful.  I can't get over it.  The trees bloom white flowers, and every tree I see I say, "Oh!  Look at the pretty tree!"  I think my family gets sick of it, but I can't help it!  We went for a walk one evening and it was picture perfect.
We went to South Carolina to visit family and Ian had a work engagement.  Guys, South Carolina is beyond beautiful, and the trees....breathtaking. We went to Charleston and it was so charming.  The houses were cute and colorful.  I fell in love, and would be perfectly happy if we moved there.
We got around by golf cart in the community our family lives in...Max and Emma want one now.  It made getting around so much fun.  I mean, just look at the picture.  Max and Emma were so bummed about it. :)
We saw the Globetrotters.  I think the kids and I have seen the show 3 times this year.  I love it every time, and we always laugh.  Such a great, family experience.  We were able to meet Hot Shot and Swish. Emma keeps saying she wants to grow up and be a Globetrotter.  The show here in Atlanta Big Easy was here and guy, I met him!!  Big Easy is my favorite and my love for him goes back to the Amazing Race.  To see him in person...I died.
Look at those trees!  Can you imagine sitting by one on a sunny day, reading a book?  Or having a family picnic?  We will be going back to see more of Charleston, because we only saw a glimpse. 
This week we are on Spring Break! Yay!  A much needed break for us.  We have Pap-pap and Mum-mum in town visiting, and we took them to Stone Mountain.  It was perfect weather for a day spent outside.  We saw the Easter Bunny, which was the highlight of Max and Emma's day.
I just love this girl.
I just love this boy.  Can you tell he's obsessed with the Globetrotters?

There you have it.  Life Lately.
Happy Wednesday friends!

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