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Here we are on the last day of April.  Crazy!!  I am so excited for the month of May!  The end of school is so close, my sister graduates from high school,  we get to go celebrate with her in NM, Emma turns FOUR! This is going to be a great month! 

Life lately has been going by so fast.  Last weekend we ran errands and spent time outside.  We went to Avalon, which is an outdoor shopping area by where we live.  We love it there.  They always have fun events for kids and are so family oriented.  Great place to check out when you come to GA.  Also they have the biggest Chick-Fil-A I've ever seen.  Ginormous!

Max has been obsessed with the National Anthem.  He'll sing it all the time.  He's also into American symbols after a project at school.  So when we see a flag (which is all the time) he'll shout there's a flag!  Then tell us about the stripes and stars.  Every. Time.  This kid is full of information and wants to learn more every day.  He is the most sweetest in the morning, and always gives me a hug and kiss goodbye.  He is the most saltiest when he's tired, and when he's like that he always makes me laugh...which pisses him off even more.  I can't believe he's almost done with first grade!  I'm excited to have him at my school next year.
Emma...oh my Emma Girl.  She is the most caring little girl.  Her heart is so big.   Her teacher told me last week that Emma is the "mama" to the younger kids in her class, and always tries to help them.  She said she wished she could have a classroom full of Emmas. As a teacher and her mom, my heart was a puddle of emotions.  She loves being home, and I think she's the most excited about summer break! Even though she is full of sweetness, she is equally full of sass.  Two mornings last week she had the most epic tantrums over socks.  SOCKS.  She'll stomp her feet and yell.  Her and Max can fight about anything and everything.  It's a talent they share. 
We followed trend and got the unicorn drink.  We all shared the sugary goodness, and one was plenty.  It was so sweet, and the blue part was extremely sour.  Max and Emma were in sugar heaven. 
Yesterday we went to play tennis.  Max and Emma love it!  The weather was hot and sticky though, so by the end we were all a hot mess.
This was her before playing tennis picture.  I should have taken an after.  She was a sweaty mess who was in need of a nap, and could burst into tears at the sight of an ant. 
After watching Moana she'll ask for her hair to be pulled up like Moana. All her hairstyles that she likes she names after the character.  We have the Moana bun, Anna braids and Elsa braid. 
Here we are on Sunday.  Ian's going to golf today.  I want to lay on the couch and do nothing.  My allergies are killing me...and really I want to binge watch Famous In Love.  I started watching it at 10 last night.  Bad idea on my part.  I watched 3 episodes and stayed up too late.  Oops.   I will have lots of coffee today!
Happy Sunday friends!  Hope the week to come is a great one for you!

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