Max and Emma

Oh these two.....they are the best.  I can't tell you enough that these two make our days so much brighter.  I remember when I was little I always wanted to be a mom.  I'm so glad I was picked to be their mom.  Even when they drive me bananas and I want to drink all the wine.  I wouldn't want it any other way. 

This weekend was absolutely gorgeous in GA.  The sun was shining and it was in the 70s.  We went on walks, went to the park and just soaked up our last couple days of Spring Break.  I think we're all excited for Summer vacation in 7 weeks.

Emma Girl.  She never wants me to do her hair.  I'm lucky if she lets me brush it, and when I do if there are any tangles...the drama.  Yesterday she was holding her My Little Pony water bottle, and she smiles at me and tells me, "Take a picture of me Mommy." 
Since seeing the Globetrotters for a 3rd time over Spring Break, both kiddos are obsessed.  Obsessed!  All they want to do is play basketball, bounce the ball around the house, try tricks.  Wearing the head band and wrist band make you totally official.
Oh my boy Max.   He runs down the stairs and announces, "Introduciiiiing.....your world famouuuusssssss.....Harlemmmmmmmmm Globetrotterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs!!!"  Then Emma and I will cheer and then the show begins.  It's pretty cute. 
Today was a Monday.  Emma didn't want me to leave her at school.  I didn't sleep well last night, and needed all the coffee today.  The sun is shining though and it's a beautiful 80 degrees out.  We already walked to the neighborhood park and played in the sun.  Have I mentioned how much I'm loving GA in the spring time?
Happy Monday friends!  Hope it was a great one! 

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