Life Lately

In 12 days school will be over.  In 18 days my baby will be FOUR!  We also get to go to NM, and I'M. SO. EXCITED.  Work has been really busy.   I know I always say this, but really it's been crazy busy.  I'm surviving on coffee.  This past week I got up at 4:30 4 of the 5 work days and went to workout.  I have to say, working out first thing in the morning leaves me feeling really good.  I also having been as tired as I thought I would be after waking up so early.  I am so ready for summer though.  We had field day at school on Friday, and I barely survived people.  My students went bananas and some acted in a way I haven't seen before.  The day left me disappointed.  I emailed 5 parents about their kiddos behavior.  I get angry just thinking about it.  Ask my mom how I felt, because I talked to her a few hours after my work day ended and I went on a good rant. 

Life lately.....

Cinco de Mayo!  We had a fiesta at home, and it was fun!  The kiddos and I had a dance party while I was making dinner.  I also made way too much food....oh well.
Emma Girl loves dogs.  Even if they aren't real.  She asked if she could take a picture with the Target dog, and I said yes.  Next thing I know she mounts the dog and says, "Cheese!" 
Last weekend Emma went to a baseball game with her Daddy.  The girl hates for things to be in her hair.  I asked if I could put a bobby pin in her hair, and she agreed.  They lasted until she got into the car and I was out of sight.  One day she'll love accessories in her hair. 
I spent the day with Max.  His bff had a birthday party at this rock climbing place.  Max was so worried about it, because he didn't want to climb the wall.  He made himself so stressed out.  Even when we got to the place he stood by me, and was so nervous.  It took him about 15ish minutes before he went to join the other boys.  Once he did and climbed the wall to the steepest and most dangerous slide ever, he was A-Okay. 
These two had fun at the game. 
All the heart eyes for this girl.
One night this week it was perfect outside.  They sat on the patio while I made dinner.  Max was doing his spelling homework.  Emma was cheering him on.
Thursday night a local ice cream shop at a night for my school.  We of course went, because ice cream.  The kiddos were in heaven.  I saw a couple of my students and Emma acted as if the girl was her best friend.  It was super cute.  We all enjoyed some ice cream for dinner.
Happy Mother's Day to all you mamas out there, especially mine! I can't say enough about how amazing my mama is.  I'm blessed that God chose her to be my mom. (Well not just mine, Antonio and Alicia's too.)  Thanks for being the best friend, role model and Mom a girl could ask for.  What I've learned about being a mom is from watching you over the years.  The patience and love you have for us is never ending. You are my Lorelai, and I hope you have the best day tomorrow. 

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