Road Rage

Yesterday the kiddos and I left our house to go to a near by store.  There's a roundabout to exit our community.  I'm at the roundabout waiting for the cars to go by, and a car behind me starts honking.  Not just one honk.  Honking nonstop.  The drivers window was also down, and he was yelling at me to effin go.  That right there should have been a red flag for me not to interact with a person like that, but sadly my emotions got the best of me, and I flipped the person off.  We went about our way to the store, and I parked the car. 

I look in my mirror and see a car park behind me.  It's the same car that was honking and yelling at me.  I roll down my window to let him know I have two children in the car.  He gets out and makes his way to us while yelling, "You should have effin thought about that before flipping me off bitch!" I start to roll up my window, and he gets to it before it's rolled up and puts his arm across it to hold it down.  I repeatedly tell him I have kids in the car.  At this point Max and Emma are crying.    My sweet babies are so scared.  He looks in the backseat.  He looks at them...these two faces right here.

He looks at them and mocks their crying.  I tried to explain why I didn't go at the roundabout.  This guy was so angry.  He just kept yelling at me, cussing me out and he spit on me.  I told him I was going to call the police.  It's like everything I said just made him more mad.  He put his hand in the car and was pointing it at my face.  I moved away, because I genuinely thought he might hit me.  All the while Max and Emma are witnessing this awful interaction.  I start to honk my horn and yell for help.  It was then that he backed away, spit on me again and went back to his car.  I quickly rolled up my window, and I just cried.  I was so upset that I put Max and Emma in that situation. 
I called Ian hysterical. He told me I had to call the police to file a report.  The kids were crying and wanted to go home.  We went home and I did call the police.  An officer came out, and he was the most amazing human being.   I told him everything, and he was quick to tell me that it wasn't my fault.  He said that I have the right to flip anyone off, because it's my freedom of speech.  He was able to get fingerprints off my window.  A whole hand print and partial fingerprints from both sides of the window.  The officer was full of jokes and made me laugh.  He was just so great. 
He asked if he could ask Max and Emma questions because they witnessed it.  Break. My. Heart.  To hear them answer and share what they saw and heard.  It's just so awful. Max told the officer the man was having a really bad day.  The officer was so nice to them. He gave them bracelets, which they are sporting proudly.  Unfortunately, that experience is going to stay with us.  I can't change any part of that story, even though I wish I could.  From now on though, I will never ever EVER flip anyone off or honk my horn.  Shoot, I don't think I will even make eye contact with other drivers. You never know the mental state of the person you're doing that to.  You never know if they might follow you to the store.  You never know if they are going to yell and spit at you in front of your kids.  You don't know what people are capable of.  I'm lucky that all he did was yell and spit.  It could have been worse. 
The kiddos and I are pretty much freaked out to leave the house.  The person lives in our neighborhood somewhere...friends, if you take anything from this.  Please don't flip off anyone.  Don't honk.  Don't let your emotions get the best of you while driving.  Please.
The kiddos and I are fine. They've been glued to my side.  Emma has basically fastened herself to my hip.  I see many board games, movie watching, fort building in our day, because we aren't quite ready to venture out. Maybe tomorrow. 


Weekend at the Lake

Friday we headed to Alabama for the weekend.  We went to spend time with family, and it was fun being back.  Last time we went was for Labor Day last year, and that's when I had my phone interview for the school district I now work in.  It was fun to think back on that time. 

We got into town and the kiddos wanted to go to the pool.  They swam for awhile, and then we headed to dinner at a local spot.  So much fun, and the food was good!  I went with an Albuquerque Sandwich and Cajun tots.  Yum!  When we got back to the condo, this was our view for the night.  I wouldn't mind having this view every morning and evening. 
Saturday started off with a light rain, but then it stopped.  Off to the boat we went, and Max and Emma were so ready for our day!
Emma was in the zone.  She didn't move from that spot the entire time we were on the boat. 
Max lives for the boat ride.  When we asked what his favorite part of the weekend was, it was the boat ride to Big Beach.  He was also ready to give the thumbs up to let Steven know he was ready to go fast!
All the smiles, for all the fun!
I don't think his smile could get any bigger.
We went to dinner at Chucks, which has the best pizza ever.  Max ate three slices.  These two....those faces tells you just how much they enjoyed the boat and being on the lake.
We ended each night on the patio, with some drinks and music.  Max and Emma loved being around Norman and Nyny. They begged to take them on walks, and on their last walk they even picked up the dog poo.  So they both happily told us they are ready for a dog!  After watching Marley & Me a couple weeks ago, which wrecked me...I don't know if we can ever have a dog.
We left Lake Martin with memories made and a sun burn that has us all in pain.  Ian more than anyone.  Poor guy.  The weather was absolutely perfect. Overcast, and the sun came out for a bit.  We put on sunblock, but didn't reapply like we should have. #parentfail   I told the kiddos we'd couldn't go swimming for a couple days, and of course I pissed them off.  What are moms for?
I'm not sure what adventures we'll go on this week.  We need to recover from this weekend!  It's actually supposed to be sunny for a few days before the rain comes back.  Enjoy your last few days in JUNE!


Georgia Rain

All the rain!  It has been raining pretty much every day, and I'm not mad about it.  It makes my rain loving heart happy.  On Tuesday Max and Emma asked if they could do sidewalk chalk outside...in the rain.   Ummm...yes!  So outside we went!  It wasn't pouring.  Just a light sprinkle coming down.  All the cars that drove by just looked at us like, "Do you know it's sprinkling out?"  In WA rain doesn't stop you from anything.  People run, recess still happens, and the fun goes on.  Here...not so much.  The traffic when there's rain.  Oh goodness.  Traffic is already bad to begin with, but throw in  some rain.  The worst.

Back to our fun.  The kiddos decided to draw the ocean with a sunset.
Max wouldn't pay any attention to me when I asked him to look at me.
This activity kept them so happy and they were getting along...

Emma stopped mid project and decided to color her hand.  She thought her hand was beautiful.
Emma was off twirling in the grass and hopping around like a bunny.  Max was so focused on his drawing.  He moved on to drawing a blue cheetah hiding in a bush.
Emma drew a colorful house.
This girl.  She always strikes a pose, and she'll quote Trolls.  "PH phat, strke a pose." If you've seen the movie you know what I'm talking about.  If you haven't, well you're missing out on a cute movie!
Guess what's it's doing right now??  Raining!!


Life Lately

A little life lately update, because I know you all are wondering what we are up to as of late.  Well Max and Emma keep me busy with their social lives.  Max had basketball camp last week.  One of the days it was so hot and humid out that going for ice cream was a must.  I let them pick 4 toppings, which was about 3 too many.  So Max isn't mad in the picture, just mid chew of the candy on his ice cream.

Max picked his outfit this day for camp.  He wanted to be all Nike. 
We have been living at the pool. That's one of the many reasons I love GA.  Most of the communities have a pool, tennis courts and a park for kiddos.  I asked my sweet Emma girl to smile for me, and this is what I got...
Friday Emma and I had a girls lunch with my teacher bff in downtown Roswell.  Emma wanted to dress up for the occasion.  She was really excited about seeing my friend, and even rubbed it in to Max that she got to see her and Max didn't.  I tell you, Emma has been so sweet lately.
Our community has a Father's Day pool party!  They area always having some sort of festivities.  The theme was Margaritaville, so they served virgin margaritas.  Max and Emma were in heaven.  They kept saying, "Oh these are so good!"  They brought their souvenir cups home, and Emma requests all her drinks in it. 
Max had a doctor appointment this morning.  Appointments that go smoothly always call for a treat, because that's how I roll.  We went to Dunkin Donuts, because I love their coffee.  The kiddos each picked their donut of choice.  Emma was so into eating her donut, it made me laugh.  Normally she eats only the frosting, because my girl knows what the best part of a donut is.  Today though appreciated the whole donut.
Max wanted the Braves donut, because apparently he's a fan.  He inhaled it in about 3.5 seconds. 
It's been stormy here in the afternoons.  It's thundering and raining as I type.  I took them to the pool after lunch yesterday.  We were there for an hour and half.  They would have stayed longer, but there was this kid that was freaking me out.  I don't know who he was there with, but he loved telling stories about Michael Myers (yikes!), talked about having a wife (he was 8...or so he said), and then wanted hugs and to have me carry him on my back.  Ummm no. NO.  So we left. Fast!
You guys know my love for Shane Doan.  Well, maybe you don't.  Ian worked for the Coyotes when we lived in AZ, and I went to just about every home game.  Max went to his first game at 4 weeks old.  We loved and lived for hockey.  Shane Doan is my favorite player.  He once said hi to me at a holiday party, and I just about died.  He has been with the same franchise for 21 years...or maybe 22.  He's 40, and I tell you he doesn't look a day over 20 something.   The crap owner of the Coyotes decided not to offer him a contract this coming season.  I am so mad guys.  So mad that I'm even blogging about it.  I think it was a crap move by the Coyotes.  Have a little respect for the Captain and heart of your team.  This also proves that 1.) I'm super passionate about hockey. 2.) I'm super passionate about Shane Doan  3.) I love to go on rants like my brother.  I really hope Doan ends up on a team that has a real chance at the Cup, because he so deserves it.  I just love him, if you can't tell.
The rest of this week I have some fun planned for the kiddos, and we have a little trip planned.  I'm. So. Excited.
I hope you guys have a great week!! 


Father's Day Adventures

I hope all dads out there had a great day!  Our guy was spoiled from the moment he woke up.  The kiddos and I went to DD and got coffee and breakfast.  Then Max and Emma worked on pictures and other cute activities for Ian.   
We headed to the Castle Park.  We were going for a walk, and passed a baseball field.  They decided to run the bases.  They played a game of baseball, and ended with Max sliding into home plate. While we were there Ian saw that there was Frisbee golf course.  He used to play in college...maybe high school too.  I'm not sure where his love for the game came from, but we used to play when we were first married.  I can tell you, I still am terrible at it.  Terrible!
We started playing in the humid afternoon with some clouds in the sky.  Apparently a lot of people love Frisbee golf, but there were a lot of people playing.  When we got to hole 6...well it's not a hole.  I don't know what it's called.  When we got to 6 though it started to sprinkle.  It felt good.  We were laughing and having fun.  Then it started to pour.  We made it to number 9, and decided to call the game.  By the time we got back to car, the rain had stopped.  We were all soaked with smiles on our faces.   Also, I just want to put it out into the world.  Ian is good.  Really good.  If there was a pro team, he could totally be on it!

We spent the rest of the day doing what Ian wanted to do.  Watching the US Open.  Not my cup of tea, but it wasn't my day.  So golf it was!
Today is an important today!  Today is my Mom's birthday!!  Happy Birthday Mom!  I know you're reading this. :)  I hope you have a great day! We miss you tons, and wish we could be celebrating with you. 


9 Years

Today Ian and I have been married for 9 years.  It's crazy, because when I think of our wedding day, those events are so fresh in my memory.  It feels like it just happened, and yet here we are 9 years later.  When I think back on all the adventures we've gone on just the two of us, then as a family of 3, and now as a family of 4...it makes me a sappy mess.

Let's be honest, marriage isn't always rainbows and unicorns.  It takes work, it takes compromise, and it takes all the love you have to give.  There is no one else I'd rather get into stupid arguments with, no one else I'd rather watch the Steelers game with, no one else I'd rather beat at Yahtzee, no one else I'd want to go on adventures with.  This guy is my someone.  My person, in Meredith Grey terms. 

The quality of this picture is so bad, but it's our very first picture together.
This was the trip to Alaska that Ian proposed to me.   All the heart eyes.
Tonight Emma has declared a party, with funfetti cake and all.  She asked if little kids could come to the party that she came up with.  She's the sweetest that one.   I told her yes. 


A Week of Firsts

I think I'm going to start each post telling you how much I love summer.  Summer is so great!  One thing I don't love is how much Max and Emma fight.  Goodness.  It's always over the silliest things, and the tears.  Emma would be an amazing actress if she ever decided to go into the profession.  The waterworks come easily to her, and stop as quickly as they start.  Pure talent.
We had a lot of firsts this past week.  Emma started gymnastics!  I let her pick out her little outfit, and I  just about died when I saw her in it.  Oh the cuteness! She was soooooo excited about her first class.  When she came home her and Max was doing hand stands by the wall, somersaults and cartwheels.  

Max is taking a co-ed tumbling class.  He did not want to go.  Ian told him it would help him when it came to other sports.  He was so nervous going though, and there were only girls in his class. That really bothered him, and he was so sad.  I told him he needed to try it.  The kid ended up loving it.   He's excited to go back, and the coach said there is another boy that will be joining the class.  The classes are an hour long, so Emma was beyond bored waiting for Max.  She went over to the fish to look for Nemo (spoiler alert: she didn't find him), crawled around on the floor, and let all the parents know she had nothing to do.  This coming week we'll be more prepared.

Over the weekend they had swim lessons.  Emma is so fearless.  She does everything her teacher asks her to do.  She moved up a level!  She can swim by herself under water.   Max is more hesitant in the water.  It takes him awhile to get comfortable.  He's trying his hardest though, and I think we'll have two swimmers on our hands pretty soon. 
Today Max started Basketball Camp!  He has been waiting for this since school let out.  He was so excited to see his PE teacher, and some friends from school.  The camp is a week long and goes from 8:30-2:30.  Emma and I don't know what to do without Max.  When we dropped him off Emma gave him two hugs and countless high fives.  She didn't want to leave him.  When we got into the car she asked when we were going to come back for Max.  They have their moments when they are super cute.

Oh, and I can't believe I forgot to mention that the Penguins won the Stanley Cup!!!(Sorry Antonio)  Our household was very happy last night!  Watching Sid get the cup and raise it...all the feels people.  I really like the Preds though, and if they were playing any other team, I would have been cheering for them.  I heart Mike Fisher, which if you ask Max means I want to marry him.  Kids....

Happy Monday friends! 


Running Wild

A couple summers ago I started taking pictures of Max and Emma running when we were at a park or somewhere where they could run around.  Today we got to the park for a play date, and off they went.  I was yelling, "Wait!  I want to take a picture!"  I could see Max's eye roll from where I was standing.  I'm already too much for him.
The weather today was cloudy and it rained on and off.  The park we went to has a little creek that the kiddos could play in.  They were making a dam.  It was really cute to watch.  I was SnapChatting their building efforts and was asking questions.  Max's friend A heard their voices from the video, and Max goes, "Oh she's just SnapChatting or Instagramming. She loves to do that."  They both looked at me like I was crazy.  I stopped taking snaps after that.  Geez. Emma even came over and patted my arm...she felt sorry for me.  Bless her golden heart.
These two girls were the absolute cutest.  They would walk around holding hands, chase each other and giggle.  We were just watching them "awing" at them. 
Wardrobe change.  Emma was still covered in sand when we left. 
While we were at the park I saw 3 students from school.  They were so excited when they saw me and were yelling my name.  I was a mini celebrity for about 5 minutes.  I love seeing kids outside of school.  It's like they have no idea how to act, and they forget I'm just a normal person outside the classroom.  My teacher heart was so happy.
We were at the park for THREE hours. As soon as we got home it was round 2 of showers for the kiddos.  Summer is so fun. 


The Land of Enchantment

I didn't appreciate growing up in New Mexico.  I think I didn't appreciate a lot of things growing up, and I realize that now that I'm older.  NM is beautiful.  Definitely the Land of Enchantment.  We hadn't been back since Antonio graduated from high school TWO years ago. 

This trip was to celebrate my sister graduating from high school.  We flew into El Paso, and our first stop once we got to Las Cruces was Dion's.  Have I mentioned how much we all love it? The ranch dressing is seriously the best dressing I have ever had in my entire life.  I'm so not exaggerating either.    We also had Mexican food, and I'm sad to report that Max and Emma did not like it.  What. The. Heck.  They don't know the real deal.  Poor kids. 

Max and Emma loved being around the family.  Grandpa showed them the view of Las Cruces and even beat them in a few races in the backyard.  All fun and games ended when a certain boy pushed down his sister. 
In all the years of going to NM, Ian had never visited White Sands. We had so much fun.  If you follow me on Instagram or SnapChat (jenwink08 for both) you saw all our fun and heard our laughs.  Antonio came with us, and added to the fun and memories made.  We buried both Ian and Antonio, and we laughed so much. 
Before we left we wanted to take a family picture.  Max and Emma were grumpy and hangry, so you can see just how excited they were for the picture.  I couldn't stop laughing when I saw it.  Their faces....priceless.

My Mama! It's always so nice being with my Mom. 
We took the kiddos to a park by my parent's house during the intermission of the Stanley Cup Final.  Max had fun.
Emma was mad for many reasons.  One being that I pushed her on the swings just a little too high, and she almost fell off.  That made her cry.  Another reason is that she wanted to walk Oreo home, even though she walked him to the park.  AND we had told her that she would walk him to the park and Max would walk him back.  She forgot that little talk.  Boy was she mad.
Emma turned FOUR while we were there.  She's currently obsessed with Moana. We got a cake for her and my mom bought the little figurines for her cake.  Emma loved it! She's been playing with the little Moana and pig like they are gold.   
The day we left was a sad one.  It's like time goes by fast when you don't want something to happen.  We were happy to get home to Ian, but sad to leave my family.  All. The. Tears. 
Alicia...this girl is the best.  I can't say enough how proud of her I am.  Max and Emma love her.  I love hearing them call her "Auntie". 
The kiddos with Grandma.  They once called her Grandmom, which I loved, but as they grow up the words they say change. 
Uncle!  I am so proud of this kid too.  He was working while we were there, but he had time to play hockey games with Max. He also beat Ian in their own Stanley Cup.  They always play when we're in town or they come to visit us.  Ian has the cup, but lost it.  I'm going to have to mail it to Antonio.  Max and Emma love their Uncle.  Doesn't he have nice hair?

Fun fact, or maybe not so fun.  When we're all together I always call Emma by Alicia's name, and I call Max by Antonio's name.  Always.  I don't know why, but it happens. 
Being in NM this time around made me miss living there.  It's definitely brown being the desert and all, but the mountains and the sunsets.  So pretty.  We need to get back home more often.  Going every two years is too long to be away.  Oh and the dry heat.  Goodness gracious I loved it!!  The minute we got home to GA the humidity hit me like a sticky brick. 
The flight home was so great though.  There were screens in the back of each seat, so that kept the kids entertained the entire flight.  Emma watched Moana and Max played games.  #bestflightever  When we got to the airport we were making our way to baggage claim.  We got on the train and ended up riding it the wrong way.  The kiddos got a long train ride out of it, so I pretended like I knew what I was doing.  I was happy to see Ian's face when we finally got to baggage claim. 
Now we're home.  Swim lessons and other summer activities await us.  I'm so looking forward to seeing what summer adventures we'll go on.