A Week of Firsts

I think I'm going to start each post telling you how much I love summer.  Summer is so great!  One thing I don't love is how much Max and Emma fight.  Goodness.  It's always over the silliest things, and the tears.  Emma would be an amazing actress if she ever decided to go into the profession.  The waterworks come easily to her, and stop as quickly as they start.  Pure talent.
We had a lot of firsts this past week.  Emma started gymnastics!  I let her pick out her little outfit, and I  just about died when I saw her in it.  Oh the cuteness! She was soooooo excited about her first class.  When she came home her and Max was doing hand stands by the wall, somersaults and cartwheels.  

Max is taking a co-ed tumbling class.  He did not want to go.  Ian told him it would help him when it came to other sports.  He was so nervous going though, and there were only girls in his class. That really bothered him, and he was so sad.  I told him he needed to try it.  The kid ended up loving it.   He's excited to go back, and the coach said there is another boy that will be joining the class.  The classes are an hour long, so Emma was beyond bored waiting for Max.  She went over to the fish to look for Nemo (spoiler alert: she didn't find him), crawled around on the floor, and let all the parents know she had nothing to do.  This coming week we'll be more prepared.

Over the weekend they had swim lessons.  Emma is so fearless.  She does everything her teacher asks her to do.  She moved up a level!  She can swim by herself under water.   Max is more hesitant in the water.  It takes him awhile to get comfortable.  He's trying his hardest though, and I think we'll have two swimmers on our hands pretty soon. 
Today Max started Basketball Camp!  He has been waiting for this since school let out.  He was so excited to see his PE teacher, and some friends from school.  The camp is a week long and goes from 8:30-2:30.  Emma and I don't know what to do without Max.  When we dropped him off Emma gave him two hugs and countless high fives.  She didn't want to leave him.  When we got into the car she asked when we were going to come back for Max.  They have their moments when they are super cute.

Oh, and I can't believe I forgot to mention that the Penguins won the Stanley Cup!!!(Sorry Antonio)  Our household was very happy last night!  Watching Sid get the cup and raise it...all the feels people.  I really like the Preds though, and if they were playing any other team, I would have been cheering for them.  I heart Mike Fisher, which if you ask Max means I want to marry him.  Kids....

Happy Monday friends! 

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