Father's Day Adventures

I hope all dads out there had a great day!  Our guy was spoiled from the moment he woke up.  The kiddos and I went to DD and got coffee and breakfast.  Then Max and Emma worked on pictures and other cute activities for Ian.   
We headed to the Castle Park.  We were going for a walk, and passed a baseball field.  They decided to run the bases.  They played a game of baseball, and ended with Max sliding into home plate. While we were there Ian saw that there was Frisbee golf course.  He used to play in college...maybe high school too.  I'm not sure where his love for the game came from, but we used to play when we were first married.  I can tell you, I still am terrible at it.  Terrible!
We started playing in the humid afternoon with some clouds in the sky.  Apparently a lot of people love Frisbee golf, but there were a lot of people playing.  When we got to hole 6...well it's not a hole.  I don't know what it's called.  When we got to 6 though it started to sprinkle.  It felt good.  We were laughing and having fun.  Then it started to pour.  We made it to number 9, and decided to call the game.  By the time we got back to car, the rain had stopped.  We were all soaked with smiles on our faces.   Also, I just want to put it out into the world.  Ian is good.  Really good.  If there was a pro team, he could totally be on it!

We spent the rest of the day doing what Ian wanted to do.  Watching the US Open.  Not my cup of tea, but it wasn't my day.  So golf it was!
Today is an important today!  Today is my Mom's birthday!!  Happy Birthday Mom!  I know you're reading this. :)  I hope you have a great day! We miss you tons, and wish we could be celebrating with you. 

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