Georgia Rain

All the rain!  It has been raining pretty much every day, and I'm not mad about it.  It makes my rain loving heart happy.  On Tuesday Max and Emma asked if they could do sidewalk chalk outside...in the rain.   Ummm...yes!  So outside we went!  It wasn't pouring.  Just a light sprinkle coming down.  All the cars that drove by just looked at us like, "Do you know it's sprinkling out?"  In WA rain doesn't stop you from anything.  People run, recess still happens, and the fun goes on.  Here...not so much.  The traffic when there's rain.  Oh goodness.  Traffic is already bad to begin with, but throw in  some rain.  The worst.

Back to our fun.  The kiddos decided to draw the ocean with a sunset.
Max wouldn't pay any attention to me when I asked him to look at me.
This activity kept them so happy and they were getting along...

Emma stopped mid project and decided to color her hand.  She thought her hand was beautiful.
Emma was off twirling in the grass and hopping around like a bunny.  Max was so focused on his drawing.  He moved on to drawing a blue cheetah hiding in a bush.
Emma drew a colorful house.
This girl.  She always strikes a pose, and she'll quote Trolls.  "PH phat, strke a pose." If you've seen the movie you know what I'm talking about.  If you haven't, well you're missing out on a cute movie!
Guess what's it's doing right now??  Raining!!

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