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A little life lately update, because I know you all are wondering what we are up to as of late.  Well Max and Emma keep me busy with their social lives.  Max had basketball camp last week.  One of the days it was so hot and humid out that going for ice cream was a must.  I let them pick 4 toppings, which was about 3 too many.  So Max isn't mad in the picture, just mid chew of the candy on his ice cream.

Max picked his outfit this day for camp.  He wanted to be all Nike. 
We have been living at the pool. That's one of the many reasons I love GA.  Most of the communities have a pool, tennis courts and a park for kiddos.  I asked my sweet Emma girl to smile for me, and this is what I got...
Friday Emma and I had a girls lunch with my teacher bff in downtown Roswell.  Emma wanted to dress up for the occasion.  She was really excited about seeing my friend, and even rubbed it in to Max that she got to see her and Max didn't.  I tell you, Emma has been so sweet lately.
Our community has a Father's Day pool party!  They area always having some sort of festivities.  The theme was Margaritaville, so they served virgin margaritas.  Max and Emma were in heaven.  They kept saying, "Oh these are so good!"  They brought their souvenir cups home, and Emma requests all her drinks in it. 
Max had a doctor appointment this morning.  Appointments that go smoothly always call for a treat, because that's how I roll.  We went to Dunkin Donuts, because I love their coffee.  The kiddos each picked their donut of choice.  Emma was so into eating her donut, it made me laugh.  Normally she eats only the frosting, because my girl knows what the best part of a donut is.  Today though appreciated the whole donut.
Max wanted the Braves donut, because apparently he's a fan.  He inhaled it in about 3.5 seconds. 
It's been stormy here in the afternoons.  It's thundering and raining as I type.  I took them to the pool after lunch yesterday.  We were there for an hour and half.  They would have stayed longer, but there was this kid that was freaking me out.  I don't know who he was there with, but he loved telling stories about Michael Myers (yikes!), talked about having a wife (he was 8...or so he said), and then wanted hugs and to have me carry him on my back.  Ummm no. NO.  So we left. Fast!
You guys know my love for Shane Doan.  Well, maybe you don't.  Ian worked for the Coyotes when we lived in AZ, and I went to just about every home game.  Max went to his first game at 4 weeks old.  We loved and lived for hockey.  Shane Doan is my favorite player.  He once said hi to me at a holiday party, and I just about died.  He has been with the same franchise for 21 years...or maybe 22.  He's 40, and I tell you he doesn't look a day over 20 something.   The crap owner of the Coyotes decided not to offer him a contract this coming season.  I am so mad guys.  So mad that I'm even blogging about it.  I think it was a crap move by the Coyotes.  Have a little respect for the Captain and heart of your team.  This also proves that 1.) I'm super passionate about hockey. 2.) I'm super passionate about Shane Doan  3.) I love to go on rants like my brother.  I really hope Doan ends up on a team that has a real chance at the Cup, because he so deserves it.  I just love him, if you can't tell.
The rest of this week I have some fun planned for the kiddos, and we have a little trip planned.  I'm. So. Excited.
I hope you guys have a great week!! 

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