Running Wild

A couple summers ago I started taking pictures of Max and Emma running when we were at a park or somewhere where they could run around.  Today we got to the park for a play date, and off they went.  I was yelling, "Wait!  I want to take a picture!"  I could see Max's eye roll from where I was standing.  I'm already too much for him.
The weather today was cloudy and it rained on and off.  The park we went to has a little creek that the kiddos could play in.  They were making a dam.  It was really cute to watch.  I was SnapChatting their building efforts and was asking questions.  Max's friend A heard their voices from the video, and Max goes, "Oh she's just SnapChatting or Instagramming. She loves to do that."  They both looked at me like I was crazy.  I stopped taking snaps after that.  Geez. Emma even came over and patted my arm...she felt sorry for me.  Bless her golden heart.
These two girls were the absolute cutest.  They would walk around holding hands, chase each other and giggle.  We were just watching them "awing" at them. 
Wardrobe change.  Emma was still covered in sand when we left. 
While we were at the park I saw 3 students from school.  They were so excited when they saw me and were yelling my name.  I was a mini celebrity for about 5 minutes.  I love seeing kids outside of school.  It's like they have no idea how to act, and they forget I'm just a normal person outside the classroom.  My teacher heart was so happy.
We were at the park for THREE hours. As soon as we got home it was round 2 of showers for the kiddos.  Summer is so fun. 

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