Weekend at the Lake

Friday we headed to Alabama for the weekend.  We went to spend time with family, and it was fun being back.  Last time we went was for Labor Day last year, and that's when I had my phone interview for the school district I now work in.  It was fun to think back on that time. 

We got into town and the kiddos wanted to go to the pool.  They swam for awhile, and then we headed to dinner at a local spot.  So much fun, and the food was good!  I went with an Albuquerque Sandwich and Cajun tots.  Yum!  When we got back to the condo, this was our view for the night.  I wouldn't mind having this view every morning and evening. 
Saturday started off with a light rain, but then it stopped.  Off to the boat we went, and Max and Emma were so ready for our day!
Emma was in the zone.  She didn't move from that spot the entire time we were on the boat. 
Max lives for the boat ride.  When we asked what his favorite part of the weekend was, it was the boat ride to Big Beach.  He was also ready to give the thumbs up to let Steven know he was ready to go fast!
All the smiles, for all the fun!
I don't think his smile could get any bigger.
We went to dinner at Chucks, which has the best pizza ever.  Max ate three slices.  These two....those faces tells you just how much they enjoyed the boat and being on the lake.
We ended each night on the patio, with some drinks and music.  Max and Emma loved being around Norman and Nyny. They begged to take them on walks, and on their last walk they even picked up the dog poo.  So they both happily told us they are ready for a dog!  After watching Marley & Me a couple weeks ago, which wrecked me...I don't know if we can ever have a dog.
We left Lake Martin with memories made and a sun burn that has us all in pain.  Ian more than anyone.  Poor guy.  The weather was absolutely perfect. Overcast, and the sun came out for a bit.  We put on sunblock, but didn't reapply like we should have. #parentfail   I told the kiddos we'd couldn't go swimming for a couple days, and of course I pissed them off.  What are moms for?
I'm not sure what adventures we'll go on this week.  We need to recover from this weekend!  It's actually supposed to be sunny for a few days before the rain comes back.  Enjoy your last few days in JUNE!

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