4th of July

A little 4th of July recap on this Thursday morning.  We came back from our staycation on the 4th.  I really wish we could have stayed downtown an extra night, because our room at an amazing view of the park where the fireworks were happening.  Oh well....instead we came home.  Both kids were not happy campers, full of tears.  Then the sky opened and poured down all the rain with a little side of lightning and thunder.  Our power went out of a hot minute, and I thought that was the end of our 4th of July. 

I was wrong!  We went outside and had some from with Pop Its, or Poppers...whatever you want to call them.  Emma forgot where she wasn't supposed to throw them and ended up throwing them at Max once.  She didn't forget again.  Ian gave them a sparkles lesson 101.  We did a box of those, but decided it wasn't dark enough.  We went inside and played a family game of Sorry. 

 Max immediately declared himself to be champion.  I have no idea where he gets his competitiveness from.  I started off pretty strong, and got all the right cards.  Of course, the boys team up against me.  Emma came out of nowhere and had three of her pegs in home, and she waited a few rounds before beating us all!  She was victorious!
Then we went outside for some more fun with sparklers. 

Our neighborhood went bananas with the big and loud fireworks.  They lit up the skies and left a smoke cloud until about 1:30.  The kids and Ian slept through all the noise...I did not.  I woke up this morning with both kids in bed, and I've had all the coffee.  It was a fun family celebration!
We're excited for the month of July!  We went to Target today and the school supplies are out.  I love new school supplies with all of my teacher heart!
Happy Friday eve!  It's almost the weekend!!  

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