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Hello September!!  I think September might be one of my favorite months.  I love all things FALL!!   Life over here has been pretty busy.  School has been going great for Max, Emma and myself.  I love getting to see Max for a minute at lunch.  I don't know if it makes his day, but it definitely makes mine.

Baseball is going to be our life for the next couple months.  Luckily Emma has made some friends, and I think practice and games will be more enjoyable for her.  Max plays so well!!  I know I've said many times around here that baseball is my least favorite sport.  It still is, but I LOVE watching Max play.  It's just so cute.  A couple of friends from school are on his team as well! 

This girl kills me.  I put crew socks on her, and she first said how cozy they feel.  Then as we were coming down the steps she said, "Oh these socks look adorable on me!"  I was so giggly after she said it, because she did look so adorable.  She's been rocking it at school.  She's filled up 3 charts in the past couple weeks and gets to pick from the treasure box.  She recently had a taste testing activity at school.  She tried black coffee and told me it was gross.  She does yoga and is learning to count to 100.  She loves to learn and loves to tell us all about it. 

Oh Shane Doan.  My favorite hockey play retired this week.  I still think he would have played another year had the Coyotes decided not to give him a contract.  Crap move on their end.  I heart this guy so hard.  He's just a nice human being.  I know I'm talking like I know him.  He said hi to me once so that makes us friends, right?
You guys know my love for Gilmore Girls.  I'd live in Stars Hollow if it were a real place.  I saw this mug, and knew it had to me mine.  When I get it, I think I'll have to start my show from the beginning again....for the 9th time. 
I wanted to go apple picking today.  Apparently there's football on....Roll Tide!

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