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What a week.  I feel like 4 day work weeks last way longer than a normal work week.  They go by slow, and I'm so ready for Friday. 

We took a trip to Home Depot, and they have all the Halloween decorations out.  Max and Emma asked for me to take a picture of them next to the skeleton dinos.  They also wanted us to buy them.  No.

Bubbles are a favorite of ours.  We spent about 45 minutes playing outside with bubbles.  I mean, just look at his face.  All the heart eyes for that kid.

Emma.  Oh this sweet girl means business when it comes to bubbles.  When no bubbles happen, she gets so mad. 

"Do I look cool Mommy?"  Always my Emma girl.  See all those papers in her hands?  She draws so many pictures at school.  She's really loving drawing people at the moment.  She's getting really good at it, and she always has a story to share with her pictures.  She'll lay them on the floor and start with one and work her way to the last.  It's really sweet to listen to.  She is full of imagination.
Max had his first game this week.  Him in his uniform was beyond cute.  I'm so happy I snapped this picture.  Emma was a proud sister for a hot second.  The rest of the time she could have cared less about the game.  Max did great!  The game ended in a tie, the coaches got into a heated back and forth conversation, and some parents are cray cray.  These boys are 7/8 and the way one dad was acting, you would have thought it was the MLB and this game was for the world series.  Woah, doesn't it sound like I really know baseball?  Ha!  I don't.

I am totally that Mom taking pictures and video throughout the entire game.  I probably always will be.  It's just too cute not to be documenting it.  When the time comes for him to be catcher and he has to put on all the gear.  I'm going to die.  So flipping adorable. 
We went to the grocery store to get some water and nonperishable food for next week.  Irma is supposed to hit our area on Tuesday morning and the power could go out.  Obviously it's not going to be nearly as bad as those who will face it in Florida and along the coast.  When we went to the store though, there was no water left.  Seeing the empty aisle made me feel a bit panicked, and I just wanted to find some water.  We did leave with wine, because priorities.  We went to another store and found some water, so my mama is happy.  She had told me to go out and get supplies, and I told her we would this weekend.  When I told her there was no water, I could hear the "I told you so" in her voice.  Moms know best, right?
Happy weekend, friends!  Keep those in Irma's path in your thoughts and prayers.

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