Product Reviews

Fresh Wave
Fresh Wave was so awesome to send me their products to review!    The products below are sold exclusively at Target.  The Fresh Wave products use only natural ingredients to remove odors.  I've used the spray when changing a dirty diaper, and it works wonders!  The odor removing gels are great for leaving in your bedroom, bathroom, or living room.  My favorite product are the odor removing packs.  They are tiny enough to fit in your gym bag, trash can, or any small space that needs a fresh smell.

  You all know that  the teacher in me loves office supplies.  Finding a good pen is sometimes hard, but let me tell you.  The Pentel retractable gel pen is amazing!   It's a fancy pen, and when Ian saw it he let me know he's taking it to work with him.  The grip is textured so you have a pretty good hold on it.  The pen feels heavy, and when you write it's so smooth.  If you want to make statement, this is your pen.

The teacher in me was so excited to try out the retractable ballpoint pens.  The pens have an oil based ink, and makes for smooth writing.  The colors are so fun and show up bright, with no leaking.  I can't wait to grade papers with these pens, but until then it makes my planner colorful and pretty.

I remember when mechanical pencils were the thing to have in elementary school.  They were so cool.  I still love me a good mechanical pencil.   The Pentel Twist Erase lll Mechanical Pencil is pretty snazzy.  I love that the eraser is twistable, and you control how much you want showing or need.  The protective tip design also helps keep the lead stable while writing and helps reduce lead breakage.  It's a sturdy pencil and the latex free grip makes it easy and comfortable to hold.  I signed up to take exams to get certified to teach here in WA, and this is the pencil that'll be in my hand.

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Pura D'or

I was sent Pura D'or Organic Argan
Oil Anit-Hair Loss Shampoo to test
and review.  All opinions are my own.
Pura D'or Organic Argan Oil Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo is pretty amazing.  Before using it my hair was falling out and everywhere.  Having two kiddos will do that to your hair.  I tested Pura D'or, and within a handful of uses my hair stopped falling out.  Happy dance!  Not only does it keep my hair where it's suppose to be, but it: smells good, thickens hair, adds volume, and is vitamin infused to name a few.  For the full low down on the product check out their website here.  I only tried the shampoo, but I can't wait to buy the conditioner to go with it.  I can only imagine the good things my hair will feel when I use both products.   You can see full post on shampoo here

These folders are a teachers dream.  I remember only getting a couple uses out of a manila folder before it looked like it was going to fall apart.  The SuperTab Erasable Manila Folders are not only durable but erasable.  Hello!  So very cool! Plus the tab is 90% larger so you can actually read what you have written on the tab easily.  

The FasTab Hanging Erasable Folders go along with the teacher dream.  Not only are they fun colors but again the tab is erasable.  Don't worry about making mistakes because you get to erase up that error and fix it.  The folders are durable, and the tab is a lot larger than your normal boring hanging folders.
Finally a file folder that has a vertical tab!  So perfect for the files that you keep on top of your desk.  These vertical file folders let you organize your work upright the way you print and read your documents.  Pretty snazzy!  The folders are super durable, and again fun colors.  Two of the sides are closed so they are easy to carry around with you  in your backpacks, work bags, and keep on your desk top.

The Step Index Organizer is perfect for anyone who likes to keep paperwork, mail, bills, anything of importance in an organized manner.  The top is clear so you can view your content pretty darn easy.  It also comes with all the tabs that you'll need plus some blank ones.  It holds up to 600 pages, has 12 pockets, and best of all waterproof.  No worries if you kiddos spill anything on it! 
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I received these products complimentary
 from Influenster for testing purposes.
I was lucky enough to receive a coupon from Influenster to try Annie's Homegrown frozen entrees.  We just got back from our trip to NM so I thought this would be the perfect time to try the meal.  It's a quick, family friendly meal.   I went to Target and purchased the Lasagna.  There are other 3 other options to choose from.  Not only was it quick and easy to make, but it was so delicious.  The husband approved!  I'll definitely be adding this to our monthly menu for nights where I want a quick meal that good for you.

 I was really excited to be given the following office supplies to review from Premium Pen, Neon Permanent Markers and Metallic Permanent Markers.

The Premium Pen is so fancy, smancy that I gave it the husband to take to work.  It writes so smooth and no smearing if your fingers rub over the ink. By far the best pen, and I've used quite a few in my teaching days.

The Neon Permanent Markers are bright and vivid colors that look pretty awesome on my planner.  They definitely liven up the pages.  What's cool is that under a blacklight the markers are fluorescent.

Thank you to and Sanford
 for sending me the products to review.
The Metallic Permanent Markers  are pretty awesome.  You can use them on either light or dark surfaces.  I used them to label my jars, and I love the way they turned out!  I also used them to decorate a pair of white sunglasses.  Who doesn't love white with gold polkadots?

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House of Doolittle was kind enough to send me their business planner and 2014 calendar to review.   Their business planner is super sleek looking.  I love that it has an expense report at the bottom to tack your weekly spending.  Being a SAHM this is extremely helpful to make sure I don't get too crazy with online shopping.  I don't think the husband would be too happy with me. It keeps our budget in check and it's easy to see at a glance.  It also fits into my diaper bag to bring along with me or the husbands bag if he needs to take it to work with him.

Thank you to House of Doolittle for
sending me the products to review.
The 2014 calender fits perfectly on our kitchen desk area.  The teacher in me loves to color coordinate birthday, appointments, Max's classes, important events, when bills are due, etc.  There's also a large section for notes, which I LOVE, because I'm one who write things down to check off a list.  To see that check next to something is satisfying.  It just makes planning easy, and who doesn't love easy?

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Thank you to Gardein for providing me
coupons to try your fantastic food.
Gardein makes meatless products and they are so delicious that even you meat eaters would love.  Their website is great and full of meal ideas, and also shows you where you can buy their tasty products!  One of the many reasons I loved this product was the meal idea on the back of each bag.  Super helpful for this busy mama.   Tasty and healthy is what I look for when making meals for myself and the fam, and Gardein nails both. To read more about my thoughts on Gardein click HERE.


Thank you to Kidecals for providing
the stylish and colorful labels..

Kidecals is a company that makes personalized labels and stickers.  They have a variety of options based on gender, use, style, and age.   Their website is very user friendly, and pops with color.   When I was browsing all the label and sticker options I wanted them all.  I settled on address labels since the holidays are coming up and I don't want to have to write our address a million times.  The top left corner of my envelopes are going to be stylish this holiday season.  You lucky readers will get 15% off any order using the code kidecal15.

Let's Read About Me

Thank you to Let's Read About Me for letting
me make a book for Max. 
 Let's Read About Me is a company that takes reading to another level.  Not only does it make reading fun, but it personalizes the books for their readers.  Their user friendly website lets parents choose from over 10 titles, add their own pictures, and fill in the blanks to create a book just about their child.  It comes in 3 formats (Memory, Just My Size, and ebook).  Storytime just became more exciting for Max!  Read my full post HERE.

Children's Advil

Thank you to Children’s Advil® for providing
samples, product information and gift pack.
With flu season comes sick kiddos.  It's rough when you have a sick child, and it's really sad.  They are so helpless, and you would do anything to make them feel better.  When Max gets sick I prefer to use Children's Advil.  For one, it passes Max's test because it taste "nummy nummy" as he says.  It's not a battle to try and get him to take medicine to make him feel better.   For two, it passes the mommy test in my books because it gets the job done.  Plus they have an online community where you can print out a dosing chart, keep track of your kiddo's dosage, and a tons more that will help you busy parents.   For all you Facebookers, there's even a page for you to like.  You know you want to..... PS. This in my opinion about this product.  Don't go all, "Well Jen said so.." on me.  I'm not a doctor, and don't claim to be.  I just like to watch tv shows about them (Grey's Anatomy).  I also love this product for my family.